Everything in one place. We have gathered some of the most useful material and links in this spot so you can have access to the most relevant and updated information all available in one place.

For Facts

If you want to know about latest scientific evidence, we have two options: The Facts provides a quick overview of concrete facts about alcohol harm in all the regions of the world; and a database of scientific articles for more background. Just click on the The Science page and explore the topics:

  • Global Burden of Disease
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Alcohol Industry
  • Alcohol Obstacle To Development
  • Alcohol and Trade
  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Infectious Diseases, such as tuberculosis or HIV/ AIDS
  • Non-Communicable Diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes
  • Mental Health
  • Children And Youth
  • The Economics Of Prevention

For Alcohol Policy Advocacy

If you are a decision-maker or opinion leader, or you are involved in community-driven advocacy, our section Alcohol in All Policies with 10 principles of policy making, our policy positions and the partners we collaborate with, but also information exposing the alcohol industry as well as a toolbox for legislators, and more, is just one click from here.

Exposing Industry Myths

The alcohol industry has vast of resources to get their arguments through – many of them are neither evidence-based nor ethical. That is why it is very useful to read about the myths that Big Alcohol perpetuates.

Big Marihuana is not lagging behind with spreading misleading information and disseminating myths. We bust them here one by one.

For History

Movendi International was founded in 1851. If you want to read more about our rich and proud history, you have found the right place to click on.