In the mid-nineties, my brother Flo, back then secretary of Juvente Switzerland, published a leaflet with »99 reasons to live a sober life« to be used in our youth work.

It was spread in all the German speaking countries and copied for various prevention materials such as books. When I recently read it again, I was surprised how much I still support these arguments. This reaction proves that they don’t only work with teenagers. Here is a sample: 36 reasons to Set Life Free:

  1. Because I don’t want to fall down after lifting up
  2. Because I have enough good friends
  3. Because my brain tells me this is the better way of living
  4. Because I decide myself where my life should lead me
  5. Because I’m convinced of a drug-free lifestyle
  6. Because my canary bird doesn’t get drunk either
  7. Because I want to enjoy my life
  8. Because I want to be free
  9. Because I don’t want to just sweep away my feelings
  10. Because I can get high on life much better without drugs
  11. Because drugs are silly
  12. Because I want to make the world a better place
  13. Because of the emotions when feeling the sun rays on my skin
  14. Because I want to be honest towards myself
  15. Because my life has a meaning
  16. Because I have a target
  17. Because I want to sense the world’s problems
  18. Because I know that drugs are an obstacle for global peace
  19. Because I can be high even without drugs
  20. Because I bear responsibility
  21. Because I won’t anybody let dictate me when to drink what
  22. Because I want to be a better kisser
  23. Because drug-free life is just fun
  24. Because there’s no reason to take drugs
  25. Because I don’t want to lose my consciousness
  26. Because I like myself
  27. Because I enjoy tenderness
  28. Because my life is cool as it is
  29. Because as a human I am a biological marvel
  30. Because I’m not taken in by advertising
  31. Because I’m content
  32. Because I don’t want to kiss anybody stinking of alcohol or cigarets
  33. Because I need my money for more important things
  34. Because I’m a sportsman
  35. Because the side effects are too risky
  36. Because I don’t want to have stress

by Alex Klee, Switzerland