Yearly Archives: 2012

BLOG: Here’s To The Women! The Best Drink For Today

It’s around Christmas time when there are many girls and women suffering violence right in their homes and have nowhere to go. The places supposed to be the safest shelters turn into war places. They are stuck at home with a violent man – father, husband, uncle, grand pa. Our cause is simple as well. We suggest to make each 25th alcohol free. By that simple action, we would reduce violence against women significantly. IOGT International has prepared a short video to demonstrate the idea.

BLOG: Solidarity Even In Free Trade Talks

On International Human Solidarity Day we praise unity in diversity and we challenge governments to harness the power of their people and to live up to their commitments in international agreements, for example in FTAs and the TPP…

BLOG: What’s up: Alcohol Policy Work in South East Asia

A lot is going on in ASEAN for the promotion of freedom and dignity and international cooperation between continents empowers exchange of knowledge and developing ever improving ways to prevent and reduce alcohol harm and to build peace, understanding and development…