Ways of rehabilitation setting life free again…

Happy Holi to every one (an Indian festival of colors, celebrations and friendship) !

It is often said, “Life turns Colourful” when it is time for Holi in India on 8th March.

I am not able to write for long today, unfortunately, since I have the pleasure to welcome a  visitor: Dr. Michael O.Smith from New York. He is an unconventional psychiatrist, profound  teacher on addiction and other life style related issues. And Michael is a social worker by heart. He founded the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association – a membership based organisation – in the US.

He continues to sew the seeds of NADA mission of improving access to recovery for communities worldwide through his vibrant visits on a regular basis. This is his one of such visits to India since 1999.

Developed in the 1970s at Lincoln Hospital (Bronx, NY), the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association 5 point protocol  was initially  used as a supportive component in alcohol and other drugs treatment settings and expanded to trauma, disaster management and well-being settings.  The ear acupuncture formula controlled withdrawal symptoms and helped patients become more clear-headed and comfortable. The ear points provide a balancing effect:  some fall asleep; some feel relief of depression; some seem to be meditating, NADA acupuncture adds a valuable component to the behavioral health fields.  I found that the NADA protocol helps people in setting the life free in its own way at all stages of alcohol and other drugs prevention and other life style related issues.

For more information

the websites: www.acudetox.com and  www.acudetoxindia.com.