… because even simple things can help making the world more alcohol free. Guerrilla style examples for how easy and fun it is to promote Life Set Free and IOGT…

The last four weeks I’ve spend abroad, on two different continents and in three different countries. I was on vacation and had a wonderful time doing a lot of sports, reading and writing and dealing with a lot of different kinds of arts – like graffiti, theatre, dance, circus, music, photography.

Happiness and satisfaction come from within. #HeartDriven

Happiness and satisfaction come from within. #HeartDriven

We found that graffiti at 5 Pointz, in Long Island City, Queens, New York. I love it because it speaks to what we mean when we talk about “Life set free” and “heart driven” – that there’s a richer, freer, more happy and content life beyond the clinging to substances like alcohol, pushed on us every single day by an industry that manipulates us to thinking and believing otherwise.

No substance can ever give the happiness that there’s already inside each human being. But the substances, especially alcohol can cover it up. And I think that’s why it’s important to take action every day to promote freedom.

I did that also during my holidays – because it’s fun, easy and meaningful and to a certain extent thrilling, too.


Sometimes interesting encounters and meetings emerge from this kind of fun activity – for example people asking about IOGT International, or the work I do concerning alcohol.

I enjoy this kind of activity because it’s playful and spontaneous – and like so often during holidays, you never which impression captures you next, which image or smell or sound captures your attention and adds some magic to your day.

Because it’s true, that every day – no matter where – can be an opportunity to find a little more freedom and a little more happiness.