Fantastic, short promotion video to learn more about the event and the city we’re in…

The most important news first: registration is now open for this autumn’s most exciting conference:

“Community and Rehabilitation. Social Work as Task of the IOGT Member Organizations – Exchange of National, International Approaches, Experiences and Results”

IOGT 2013 Conference

IOGT 2013 Conference

This conference brings together IOGT’s biggest experts in state-of-the-art sessions dealing with

– social businesses creating job opportunities for the disadvantaged;
– the method of Shisko;
– why and how to give support to foster parents;
– what the project “Time For Color” has accomplished against great odds;
– family clubs’ huge potential in strengthening communities;
– what drug free rehabilitation means in terms of motivation for fro-outs;
– the power of self-help groups

and many more interesting, challenging and exciting topics.

Here is our exciting promotion video. Feel free to share it in the social media with your friends, colleagues and partners who are all welcome to our conference in Berlin.

I will for example take a look at IOGT International’s Vision as a reason for further work in the fields of social work and rehabilitation.

In this spirit, I encourage you to sign up and meet us in Berlin this November.