We feel the story of the logo epitomises the more than 160-years long journey of IOGT International that brought us to this place: Cha Am, Thailand. October 2014. Sixty-eighth World Congress session…

The story of the logo for the 68th World Congress of IOGT International is a story of contradictions, at first glance, and of profound meaning if you let your eyes and mind linger a little while longer:

  • Diversity and Unity
  • Innovation and Tradition
  • Movement and Continuity
  • Global and local

We feel the story of the logo epitomises the more than 160-years long journey of IOGT International that brought us to this place: Cha Am, Thailand. October 2014. Sixty-eighth World Congress session.

IOGT Int 68 Congress logo

The IOGT International logo for the 68th World Congress follows the Buddhist wisdom that in simplicity there is perfection. The story of the IOGT International World Congress logo is about harnessing the beauty and the potential that arises from seemingly opposing elements:

  1. Diversity and unity
  2. Innovation and tradition
  3. Movement and continuity
  4. Global and local

The three colorful bows symbolize the diversity of IOGT International; they symbolize the three main strands of work in IOGT International: prevention, advocacy and rehabilitation and that the different member organizations of IOGT International find different ways to implement their work. And yet the bows are part of the circle, which is the beautiful symbol that all diversity adds up to strive in unity for our common vision.

The four turquoise and blue circles that emerge from the “i” in AiAP symbolize the power of innovation that comes out of the 68th World Congress. It can be little ideas and big ideas. It can be a tiny spark of innovation or a groundbreaking, new project that the World Congress will generate. Though they are innovations, they are deeply rooted in the proud tradition of IOGT, which is symbolized by the fact that the circles transition into the IOGT International logo, and from there they flow into the three colorful bows. In IOGT International our tradition of more than 160 years work for a better world ensure that we do not innovate just for the sake of innovation. We come up with new ideas, projects, campaigns and initiatives to find better answers to current problems and to find more effective ways to reach our vision.

Tradition is symbolized also by the fact that this is the 68th session of the World Congress. In a four-year rhythm, 67 sessions have already been held before.

Innovation is symbolized also by the AiAP letters, that stand for the development of an innovative and comprehensive approach to liberating the world from alcohol harm – we need to do it by addressing all relevant policy areas, because alcohol causes harm in all dimensions of society and human life.

The logo for the 68th World Congress emanates flow and movement, which is another allusion to the Buddhist tradition of the host country.

The four circles, dynamically emerging from “AiAP World Congress 68” and the three bows that emerge from the IOGT International logo and that unite the symbolized innovations into one tradition and towards one vision of a better world; show that IOGT International seeks continuity in being a global movement. Like in Thai mythology everything is connected to everything: past with present, idea with action, the far with the near and it is this continuity that gives strength.

The logo makes two references to the global dimension: the “World Congress 68” as well as the IOGT International logo both symbolize the worldwide reach of this event. But equally significant are two other elements of the logo: the place of the event, Cha Am, Thailand that is highlighted by the special color, and the three colors of the bows that symbolize the three-colored flag of the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.

IOGT International thrives on embracing and learning from the people in the local communities, on grass-roots level who form our movement. It is in the local that the global emerges – and this is what the 68th Session of the World Congress will be about: To gather our global movement, our worldwide family in one spot and learn from one another, inspire each other by what we do locally, in our communities. It is in that place and through this meeting that we generate innovation and momentum. And so, from that place, we hope to send ripples around the world.