Yearly Archives: 2015

BLOG: Advocacy Successes 2015

2015 has been a busy year as we have traveled the world for our advocacy work. Did we achieve anything? Have our efforts made any difference?

BLOG: The IOGT Year 2015

As 2015 is winding down and we are gearing up for another, new year – a significant one for IOGT International – I want to spend a moment or two and reflect about the IOGT year 2015…

BLOG: Human Rights Day. Let’s Talk About Love, Rumours and Intrigues.

How to make this blog entry interesting? Love. Rumours. Intrigues. Yes I will write about all that. Love. It is a Human Rights Day today. It is a day where the love of humanity won over any other needs and interests. It is a day where we officially say that all people of this planet… Read more »

BLOG: Building Momentum To End Violence Against Women

It was in Edinburgh that I was standing almost two months ago, talking on the main topic of GAPC – the Global Alcohol Policy Conference ”Momentum for change: research and advocacy reducing alcohol harm.” The focus of my presentation was ”The Case Of Mainstreaming Alcohol Policy In Global Women’s Rights And Gender Equality Political Processes.” Let’s… Read more »

BLOG: Supporting Children Of Alcoholics Comprehensively

For a comprehensive conversation about the needs of children of alcoholics, alcohol policy, prevention and alcohol free environments need to be addressed along with more common aspects of the conversation, like breaking the taboo and stigma, ensuring early identification and providing treatment and help. But children of alcoholics don’t only have “special needs”. They also have needs like any other young person and society needs to do a better job to build inclusive environments to allow them all to thrive together…

BLOG: Orange The World Through Alcohol Policy

On International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, IOGT International joins UN campaign Orange the World, by stepping up action to push for alcohol policy measures as part of the toolbox to end gender-based violence…

BLOG: Fake Free At European Prevention Conference

Fake Free as innovative prevention approach easily starts a lot of interesting conversations and blows a lot of minds, even among some of the leading people in the field of prevention. Viktor shares two lessons learned from presenting the Fake Free prevention approach at the European prevention conference…