A powerful video testimonial and personal story on why and how an alcohol-free and healthy lifestyle is they way to go…

Today I came across a wonderful video testimonial.

It’s a beautiful video, well-produced and heart-driven. And above all, it’s a powerful message and beautiful story. It’s remarkable when people share their personal experiences and offer a glimpse into how life has unfolded for them, to allow to see how they became who they are. So, I just wanted to share it and spread the inspiration for choosing a life free from alcohol. Living free from alcohol, means to be free to do and experience many other things and Kristina of FullyRaw explores some of those things in her video testimonial.

In the Western world the alcohol norm is omnipresent and creates a culture of ill-health and intoxication. But more and more voices are emerging that promote a healthy lifestyle; more and more options and opportunities are being created for leading a healthy and exciting lifestyle – free from alcohol.

Myself, I choose to eat plant-based as much as possible and am a vegetarian for ten years now. Diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. And so is what I drink. So, it’s inspiring to browse through some of the recipes for juices and smoothies that FullyRaw has to offer.

Being drowned by alcohol marketing and alcohol norm – especially during the summer holidays – we might not always know it, but there’s an awesome and huge community out there, worldwide, living healthily and promoting the alcohol-free lifestyle. Life set free for real.