Maik hilariously tries to score a dizzy penalty to help raise awareness of the new sustainable development goals…

This week, the global community will gather at the United Nations in New York with one monumental goal: to adopt a new development agenda for the post-2015 era, the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Our International President, Kristina Sperkova, is going to join 193 world leaders and thousands of civil society activists as they come together for the United Nations Summit on Post-2015 agenda and are set to commit to Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs, also known as The Global Goals) in order to streamline efforts in order to achieve three extraordinary things in the next 15 years.

  1. End extreme poverty
  2. Fight inequality and injustice
  3. Fix climate change.

The Global Goals for sustainable development are the post-2015 agenda to build a world free from poverty, inequality, injustice and to mitigate climate change. In all countries. For all people.

In IOGT International we have been working heart-driven in the last years, together with many of our Member Organizations, to make the SDGs people-centerer and to ensure that they do address the crucial issue of alcohol as obstacle to development.

Dizzy Penalty for the global goals

As we continue our advocacy for the targets and indicators of the SDGs, we also want to make sure to raise awareness of The Global Goals. What are they all about? How do they affect people in communities around the world? How can we all get involved in promoting The Global Goals and in holding our governments accountable?

An awesome way to raise awareness of The Global Goals is the Dizzy Penalty.

To do a dizzy penalty for the global goals is simple and hilarious. And it allows us to join a global team. Many football stars and other famous people have already participated. All participants should watch this video.

  1. Find 2 footballs and find a goal (jumpers as goalposts will do)
  2. Line up the balls at least 6m apart
  3. Put your hand on the ball and spin round it 13 times
  4. Run to the other ball and try to shoot a goal
  5. Tag 3 friends to join in and try and score their own dizzy goal
  6. Upload your video with the hashtag #DizzyGoals and make sure to tag @TheGlobalGoals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

What you can say into the camera in advance of taking a spin:

I’m (your name), I play for / I come from (your town) and this is my Dizzy Penalty for The Global Goals.

What you can say into the camera after the dizzy penalty (in case you miss):

I missed my goal so that world leaders don’t miss theirs.

What you can say into the camera after the dizzy penalty (in case you score):

If I can score a dizzy penalty then together we can all score The Global Goals.

Let’s do it.