In 2015 our Global Voices have written more than 70 blog stories, covering a wide range of issues and providing their unique perspectives and expertise.

These are the five most popular blog stories from 2015:


Maik Dünnbier

Maik’s blog

 “One scene that says it all about alcohol & sports”

One scene tells a compelling story of how out of place and wrong alcohol marketing is in professional sports in general and football in particular…


Viktor white webViktor’s blog

“Addiction and social norms”

Is Addiction socially constructed? What are the roots of addiction and why do people use drugs – this blog proposes a radical answer, inspired by a TED talk…




Kristina Sperkova

Kristina’s blog

“Facing crisis we must be human”

We do not own this world. We share it. Whether refugees are welcome or not, is not the question. Of course they are welcome because the world is home of all human beings and the borders are just human construct…



Pubudu Sumanasekara

Pubudu’s blog

“Charlize Theron promotes SDG3, or does she?”

Exposing contradictory messaging in efforts to raise awareness of the new sustainable development goals. We need to hold UN agencies to a higher standards. Charlize is not the only…


Brenda_profile white web

Brenda’s blog

“Zimbabweans need urgent action against alcohol harm”

Alcohol harm has accelerated since 2002 and poses a major obstacle to development. Lobbyism of the alcohol industry needs to be reigned in…


We are also thankful for the work of our Guest Expert Bloggers who have shared their inspiring thoughts and incredible knowledge in 2015. We have had four guest contributions this year and the most popular blog story was one of the most popular post ever:


lucy webLucy’s guest expert story

“My transformation from serial heavy drinker to Soberista”

I’m writing this on a Monday morning. This time five years ago, I’m almost certain that I would have been hung-over around this time. I would have just spent the entire weekend either drinking or lying in bed recovering from drinking…