This one is for you. Let’s make a change together… You know those situations when you have heard a song in a radio and it is on repeat in your head? Sometimes you do not even want to sing it to yourself but it is simply there. Occupying your mind for some time.

Let’s make some change together, change for better, change together, change for better…”

Those are the words I am humming for myself. I have no need to stop the record in my head. These words carry me. These lyrics and the melody have a huge value to me. It is a very special song.

This song is for you and by you!

This song has been written for IOGT International to celebrate the 165 years old essence of this organisation. It is about the work of each and every member since 1851. Every single effort to create better environment for all people to thrive was like a sparkle of hope to someone else. Some sparkles travelled the world and some got shut on their way. But each sparkle whether it became a flame or not carried a deep meaning and intention.
Caring for each other.
Leaving one’s comfort zone for someone else, for a purpose.
Acts of solidarity.
Walking the talk.
Being inspiration.

This song is a collection of reflections from our members and from people the organisation has touched. It is an answer to “What does IOGT mean to you”. We have seen several heart warming examples through ”myIOGT” photo campaign. With this in mind I am so thankful that now we have yet another channel to express it. This song is inspired by people in IOGT International and is written by Becky – our member from IOGT Poland.


We have not commissioned it. It comes from her heart. It is genuine and honest and therefore making my heart jump a little extra.

We introduced the song one week ago at our celebratory conference on Sri Lanka. The song made people smile, dance and sing together.

Therefore I hope more of you can listen to it and feel that it is dedicated to each of you. It is a thank you for everything you have been doing so far and will do. It is an encouragement for times when you do not see any meaning in what you do. It is a celebration of small and big victories you experience on the way. Enjoy it and know that we are many who are singing the song right now.

… would you join it if you only knew what to do…Let’s make some change together, change for better, change together, change for better…”

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