Welcome to the new year and a journey of intentions to embrace the depth and adventures of the alcohol-free lifestyle…

I want to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Have you already set your resolutions for this year?

If not, I’d love to help you with it. It’s simple, really: No need to set any. Let’s focus on intentions instead.

Intentions tell us HOW we will get through the year (or life) and not WHAT we will do. That way we become more mindful, conscious, aware, and awake in all our actions whatever the actions are. As Meghan Telpner says, intentions are about being a human being instead of being a human doer or human thinker.

What kind of human being would you like to be in 2017?

Instead of setting goals about how many kilograms you are going to lose; how many places you are going to visit; how many new friendships you will make; how many gym visits you will tick off at the end of this year and so on, you can decide HOW you are going to approach life. It’s not about resolutions but about the question: How will you be doing whatever it is you choose this year?

Will you be a loving human being? Do you choose to be happy? Adventurous? Passionate, fearless, creative, healthy, present, carefree, peaceful in every action of your life? From toothbrushing to negotiating a billion dollar deal?

Intentions lift you up, up, up

Living an intention and being consistent with it helps to increase self-esteem and it elevates anything you decide to do. It gives power into your own hands and will help you to achieve any of your goals more effortlessly. Living an intention is the way to reach your full potential.

You can have full control of what you do. Very often we end up in situations that we did not wish for and cannot influence but we can always influence how we choose to react to them. Do we want to react with arrogance, anger, superiority, blame or shame or do we want to be compassionate, constructive and in peace? That is always our choice.

What does all this have to do with Drink Revolution?

The concept of intentions is easy to apply to an alcohol-free lifestyle. Many people want to become sober and set it as their new year’s resolution but drop it somewhen on the way because being alcohol-free is often set only as a resolution and not an intention.

If it is an intention, it becomes part of something bigger. It is part of being healthy. It is part of being present. It is part of being a conscious consumer. It’s part of being a more holistic human being.

The choice for alcohol-free, no matter how long or short the period, is often seen as deprivation if it is only about removing alcohol from your life. But if you decide to – let’s say – get in shape or stay fit, being sober brings added value. All of a sudden it becomes a form of celebration of your life. It becomes a gift and not an empty spot.

Many people, who are living alcohol-free, face challenges to “defend” their choice because they still see it as saying NO to something instead of saying YES.

Drinkspiration for 2017

So here are some ideas for what an alcohol-free lifestyle is a resounding YES to:

  • Clearer mind
  • Deeper relationships
  • Better health
  • End to headaches after weekends
  • Understanding of what your real needs are
  • Better productivity at work
  • Fresher feeling at the gym
  • Presence
  • Supporting a friend or colleague who has alcohol problems
  • Embracing freedom from the industry-fueled alcohol frenzy
  • True human connection
  • Personal growth
  • Freedom

This is just the start of the list, the tip of the iceberg if you will.

Get in on the action and share your alcohol-free intentions! Comment below and add your “wins” and sign up for the global Drink Revolution.

Living intentionally in 2017

Drink Revolution really is about living intentionally. And finding your alcohol-free intentions means to go on an adventure every day, hour-by-hour, being as mindful, conscious, and harmonious as we are able to be in that moment. In this spirit, I hope that this list will help many others to stay sober or to start this beautiful journey. Cheers!!!