BLOG: Slowly, The World Is Changing Rapidly

In this personal and heart-felt blog post, Lucas is reflecting about his reason to organize around the alcohol-free way of life and to join the Swedish IOGT-NTO movement. He shares compelling insights into the workings of the alcohol norm in Sweden and his take on the revolutionary times we are living in, as the shitty, sexist and violent alcohol norm is being replaced by a new and better social culture…

BLOG: You’ve Never Thought About The Alcohol Norm In This Way Before

The vast majority of the Swedish population does not value alcohol as an aspect of social gatherings. But the alcohol norm – not only in Sweden but across the world – seems to create a culture where people consume alcohol despite not wanting to.
How come people’s preferences can be suppressed in such a scale?
Why is it like that?
Who benefits from this actually?
In his revolutionary blog post, Lucas provides through-provoking answers to these questions. With the use of state-of-the-art science, he then suggests a completely new way to think about the role of alcohol in our societies…

BLOG: The Oppressive Alcohol Norm And The Freedom To Not Use Alcohol

The current alcohol norm is oppressive. The alcohol culture in Sweden doesn’t reflect people’s real preferences and wishes, but only those of the alcohol industry and a small minority of influential people.
This is a groundbreaking blog post that dissects the Swedish alcohol norm, provides solid evidence and data and discusses positive solutions.
How to achieve freedom for the many to enjoy social life free from pressure to engage in behaviour many, many people do not actually like or want to engage in? Lucas’ latest blog post explores reasons and possibilities for making possible the freedom for the many to participate in social life in exactly the way people truly choose to and feel content with…