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BLOG: 9 Truths About Big Alcohol You Didn’t Know WHO Reported On

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the world’s premier norm-setting agency in public and global health, including for alcohol prevention and control. For example through the WHO global alcohol status report – the most authoritative source of evidence about alcohol they report latest data about alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harm and alcohol policy implementation.
What is less known and what receives much less attention is how the global alcohol status report covers Big Alcohol. It actually provides remarkable revelations.
In this compelling blog, Shehara explores the nine truths about the alcohol industry that should receive much wider attention…

BLOG: The Women And Alcohol In Sri Lanka: A Tale Of Feminism And Politics

It was noticed that some international and local media reported on the issue of alcohol and women and thus arousing the curiosity of many locals and internationals about the state of women’s rights in Sri Lanka…