BLOG: Namibia: Action Needed On Alcohol

The police are reporting most crimes in residential areas to be alcohol-related. The writer notes with concern that it is because of such societal damages that alcohol consumption really needs to be curbed. But, as this blog post explores, taking action on alcohol remains a matter of political will. Will action to curb alcohol consumption in Namibia be taken?

BLOG: Keeping Track: Alcohol Regulation In South Africa

The South African alcohol policy situation will see a paradigm shift with the implementation of uniform alcohol regulations across the country. These will include: liquor traders ensuring that they do not sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 and verifying people’s age by asking for IDs, shorter trading hours than previously allowed, as well as prohibiting the sale of alcohol to already intoxicated persons. This is not all, alongside the proposed alcohol advertising ban plans are underway to also increase the alcohol minimum purchasing age to 21 years…