BLOG: Global Alcohol Trends of 2019

What do you learn when you spend a year (almost) curating alcohol policy and science news from around the world on a daily basis?
In her ground-breaking blog post, Tharaka outlines five major trends ranging from culture to science and policy to sustainable development. She explores major highlights of 2019 in policy and scientific developments as well as alcohol industry practices and she sketches out six thought-provoking conclusions for the future…

BLOG: Big Alcohol Wants Youth To Avoid Hangover: A New Strategy Of Pushing Alcohol Culture On Youth

Young people are consuming less alcohol and choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle more. So why is Big Alcohol shifting the focus on “hangovers”?
This blog post dissects a new campaign of multinational alcohol giant Diageo together with MTV International supposedly about promoting “responsible” alcohol use and avoiding “hangovers”.
But the campaign actually contains a number of elements and tactics that undermine prevention and understanding of the real effects of alcohol…