BLOG: Alcohol And Moral Judgement

A thought-provoking blog post about alcohol and it’s real and constructed effects.
Viktor examines a recent scientific study that made the headlines and attracted media attention for its findings. But Viktor asks if the findings actually are valid? And he explores the conclusions about how alcohol affects empathy and moral judgement.
With alcohol, not everything is as it seems and Viktor’s latest blog post helps to sort this “what is what” puzzle out…

BLOG: The Corporate Consumption Complex And The Need For A New Public Health Agenda – 2nd Part

The dominating infantilist ethos and hyper-consumption are making people and planet sick, as we struggle to find meaning, live sustainably and experience happiness in and through ourselves.
The second part of Viktor’s block buster blog post about the corporate consumption complex and the need for a new public health agenda is exploring how corporate myths fueling hyper-consumption and people’s alienation from themselves and their communities can be busted and counter-acted. And Viktor looks at how more happiness, sustainability and meaning can be restored in our lives, communities and societies…

BLOG: Mind Your Power: Of Placebos, Outer And Inner Strength

A powerful blog post about alcohol and other placebos.
Viktor connects two seemingly unrelated topics, through science and smart analogies, in a compelling exploration of the power of our perceptions and how our minds can impact both our inner and outer strength…

BLOG: Making Sense Of “Heineken In Africa”

In this refreshing review of the book “Heineken in Africa” Viktor offers intriguing comparisons to Dostojevskij and explores questions of which findings are common for the entire alcohol industry and which ones are surprising revelations, as well as what does this case of Heineken mean for Big Alcohol in a broader sense…

BLOG: How To Expose “Scientists” Casting Doubt About Science – The Case Of Alcohol And Cancer

With his New York Times blog “A Link Between Alcohol and Cancer? It’s Not Nearly as Scary as It Seems” Aaron E. Carroll is guilty of public health nihilism. In his response, Viktor comments on and corrects some points Mr Carroll made and highlights some of Carroll’s logical fallacies in the attempt to cast doubt on the science about alcohol and cancer…

BLOG: Detrimental Effect Of Alcohol On HIV Treatment Adherence

The mechanisms and interactions between alcohol and HIV are several but can conceptually be described as behavioral and biological. This blog summarizes a meta analysis about the detrimental effect of alcohol on HIV treatment adherence and explores the question of which levels of alcohol consumption might be most problematic…

BLOG: Corporate Consumption Complex And The Need For A New Public Health Agenda

The global epidemic of NCDs is ravaging families, communities and burdens sustainable human development. NCDs are driven by corporate practices, including the alcohol and the tobacco industry.
With the emergence of the corporate consumption complex, we must ask tough questions:
Do we want big business to set the agenda of public health, and therefore our lives? And do we want our children to be raised by corporations that imbibe them with values of individualism, instant gratification and relativism? Or do we want our children to be raised by our communities and teach them values of altruism, civic participation and a sense of compassion with others?