Topic: Alcohol Industry

NEWS: Scotland: Economic Impact of MUP

A study commissioned by NHS Health Scotland, into the effects of minimum unit pricing (MUP) policy in the country found it had a modest economic impact. Scotland was the first country to implement MUP measures for alcohol. The policy increased the prices of cheap and high alcohol content beverages. The alcohol industry aggressively lobbied against this measure before its adoption. But the new study has found the industry was only affected modestly from MUP. A drop in demand for some products has been offset by increased prices and retailers have adapted to the changes.
According to the study, no retailers or producers had reported reducing staff numbers or investment as a result of MUP…

REPORT: Exploring the Gap in the Public’s Understanding of the Links between Alcohol and Cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death in the UK and carries an enormous cost burden, both financial and personal. Around one in four cancers however are lifestyle-related, and therefore ultimately preventable. This includes alcohol, but awareness of this fact among the public is low comparative to cancer links with smoking.
This is a significant public health issue.
Alcohol accounts for 11,894 cancer cases per year in the UK…

NEWS: USA: Alcohol Deaths (in Women) Rise Sharply

Alcohol deaths rise sharply in the United States, specifically among women.
Factors that play into this development are deregulation of alcohol by the federal government, the systematic effort of the alcohol industry to recruit more women as consumers and demographic development with alcohol-related illnesses presenting more in aging baby boomers who have consumed more alcohol in their lifetime…

NEWS: Vietnam: Heineken Tax Scheme Exposed

A new tax scheme of Heineken is exposed in Vietnam. Singapore based Heineken Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd struck a deal with Heineken Vietnam Brewery in late 2018, which was valued at over VND4.8 trillion ($207.7 million). The tax payable for the deal was VND823 billion ($35.6 million)…

NEWS: Germany: Every 5th Person Can’t Afford Healthy Lifestyle

According to a new study by PwC every 5th person in Germany can’t afford a healthy lifestyle.
45% of Germans say they suffer from at least one chronic disease, which go hand in hand with unhealthy lifestyles fueled by private industry interests such as alcohol, tobacco use, and poor nutrition. PwC, an auditing firm, conducted a survey to explore why Germans are not changing their lifestyle to healthier behavior.
What they found is that a fifth of the respondents said a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and enough exercise was not affordable to them. Social isolation may also be playing a role, as 14% of the respondents claimed to be isolated…

NEWS: Philippines: Alcohol Tax Increase Ready for Adoption

Alcohol and tobacco tax increase in the Philippines are ready for adoption and awaiting President Duterte’s signature. Alcohol industry interference has significantly reduced the projected tax receipt from alcohol and tobacco taxation. But the new bicameral-approved final measure would bring in P22.2 billion in revenue…

NEWS: USA: Congress Extends Big Alcohol’s Tax Break

The United States Congress extends the major tax break for the alcohol industry, losing billions of dollars in government revenue and further filling the coffers of Big Alcohol shareholders and executives with growing profits.
All this money is tax revenue being lost to the government which could have been invested in health and development of people and communities across the country that are seriously affected by rampant alcohol harm. Currently, alcohol harm costs the United States $249.0 billion every year. The one year extension of the alcohol tax break has been estimated to cost the government a total $1.2 billion…

NEWS: Australia: Alcohol Strategy ‘Lacks Ambition’

Public health advocates in Australia say the new National Alcohol Strategy (NAS) lacks ambition.
The Public Health Association of Australia said the strategy has been too long in the making and watered down by the alcohol industry. Previously, IOGT International reported how an ABC investigation and an analysis by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE), both found that the strategy had been compromised due to Big Alcohol interference in the making of it…

NEWS: Week #50 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

The week 50 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains alcohol policy updates about a new WHO technical package for alcohol policy, news that people consider alcohol increasingly unimportant in Scandinavia, Cambodia is set to tackle NCDs and risk factors with development assistance from Russia, and alcohol-related deaths rising in the United States.
Fresh science updates are about: The case for prioritizing action on alcohol for health and development, a new Japanese study showing any alcohol raises cancer risk, a study showing cancer risk is top reason to quit alcohol, and a new study finding that alcohol and tobacco control policy reduces cancer deaths in Australia.
The Big Alcohol monitor exposes: The difficult case of Dry January in France, Big Alcohol claiming pregnancy warning to be too costly, in Australia, and brewers incentivizing heavy student alcohol use in the Netherlands.
Special features: New report about alcohol as obstacle to development showing that 14 of 17 SDGs are adversely affected.
In the upcoming events alert we highlight: GAPC 2020, and summerLEAHP 2020…