Topic: Citizenship

BLOG: Young Progressives Are The Biggest Hypocrites

Alcohol is a social justice issue, maybe the biggest social justice issue that keeps being ignored. The question is: Where are all the progressives?
In his provocative and powerful blog post, Filip turns to people who claim to fight for justice and solidarity, asking: Where are you, democratic socialists? Where are you left-wing oriented activists? This permanently present question in the fight against the alcohol industry is still echoing without answers…

BLOG: The Case for – and Obstacles to – Policy Action To Tackle South Africa’s Alcohol Burden

South Africa is heavily burdened by pervasive alcohol harm. South Africa is also being aggressively exploited by an alcohol industry that seeks to profit from this “emerging” market with its huge population of young people and growing middle-class.
To tackle this perfect storm of alcohol harm, civil society has been and is campaigning for better alcohol laws. In her compelling blog post, Aadielah shows what the opportunities for and benefits of stronger alcohol control would be for people, communities and society. But whether political leaders are hearing it and will act on it, is a different question…

NEWS: Sweden: Why So Many Support the Alcohol Retail Monopoly

Support for the alcohol retail monopoly is high and stable in Sweden. There are many reasons why so many Swedes hold this opinion. And there are two key reasons that explain Swedes’ support for the country’s alcohol policy model, including higher alcohol taxes and a retail monopoly…

MEMBER NEWS: ADIC Sri Lanka: Election Campaign Mobilizes Candidates and Citizens

Heart driven Movendi members at the Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC), Sri Lanka are campaigning for effective alcohol, tobacco and other drug control policies, targeting the upcoming General Elections in April 2020. The campaign covers two key aspects; lobbying General Election candidates and advocating to the public to….

MEMBER NEWS: UNF: Ranking Best Counties for Swedish Youth

UNF, the Swedish Youth Temperance Association, has released its latest report ranking the best counties in Sweden for young people to live and grow up in. Overall, 223 of 290 municipalities participated in the survey, which means a response rate of 77%. That is an increase compared to the previous year. 126 counties – or 56% – are found to be inadequate. 97 counties – 43% – are ranked as decent and 17 counties are graded as good – 7.6%).
n the new report, UNF makes 5 recommendations to leaders in the counties across Sweden, to improve the quality of leisure time activities and environments and to help increase young people’s chances to shape their own communities…

MEMBER NEWS: ADIC Sri Lanka Launches Youth Action Network

ADIC Sri Lanka, a member organization of IOGT International, has launched the Youth Action Network Sri Lanka (YAN Sri Lanka) as their youth wing. YAN Sri Lanka is a youth-led network for young people, by young people, to promote development of youth through, alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention.
YAN Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual youth network. These young leaders work with other youth at the grassroots level towards alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention through activism in various fields such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) prevention, democracy, human rights, and gender equality…

NEWS: Sustainable Development Needs Fundamental Governance Changes

Global civil society report assesses structural obstacles and institutional gaps in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Four years after the adoption of the 2030 Agenda the world is off-track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Most governments have failed to turn the transformational vision of the 2030 Agenda into real transformational policies…

NEWS: Week #23 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates and exposing Big Alcohol.
This week we feature not one, but two new resources. Scroll down to find a brand new booklet about alcohol and NCDs. And check out below our fresh new world map of alcohol industry interference and the mapping of Big Alcohol and its global lobbying front group.
For week 23, our Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains:
Alcohol policy updates come from South Korea, Bhutan, Estonia, and Northern Ireland.
Fresh science updates about alcohol taxation in the EU and about the mental health of medical doctors in the UK.
Our Big Alcohol monitor exposes a raging beer war in Vietnam, marketing tactics to hook young people, and self-regulation failure in the EU…

MEMBER NEWS: BiH: CEM Exposes Alcohol Sales Law Violations

To check whether alcohol outlets adhere to the restriction on alcohol sales to minors, IOGT International member organization CEM, the Center for Youth Eduction, in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted complaince test through mystery shopping. CEM sent an undercover customer – who was a minor under adult supervision – to 10 sales outlets in Travnik. Three of these sales facilities violated the law and sold alcohol to the minor…