Topic: Alcohol’s Harm To Others

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NEWS: Liberia: Civil Society Requests Better Alcohol Control

Civil society organization Liberia Alcohol Policy Alliance (LAPA) driven by Movendi International members, is calling for better alcohol control measures during the COVID-19 pandemic…

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NEWS: Worldwide Alcohol Policy Newsletter Week #16

Welcome to another week of carefully curated highlights from Alcohol Policy News, Latest Science Digest, and Big Alcohol Watch.
This week, alcohol policy news come from the United States (twice), South Africa and from the World Health Organization (special highlight).
The Latest Science Digest covers the question whether wine bottle size matters for amount and speed of consumption and the topic of gender, age, and country-specific difference in alcohol use.
The Big Alcohol Watch exposes how the alcohol industry scrambles to innovate and adapt to the public health crisis and a powerful blog by Lucy Rocca exposes how the alcohol industry keeps people in denial about their own and societies’ alcohol problems.
This week’s Special Feature deals with the positive alcohol policy outside of the COVID-19 context…

BLOG: The Situation In Southern African Countries Regarding Covid-19 And Alcohol: An Overview

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic Southern African leaders are making bold political choices to save the lives of their citizenry. One of these choices relates to the prevention and reduction of alcohol harm in the eight Southern African countries.
Aadielah, Maurice and Tunga examine the responses in each of these countries and analyze challenges and opportunities. They also dive into similarities and differences among the countries and expose some of the strategies of the alcohol industry.
In general, their timely blog post illustrates that alcohol is being addressed as a potential obstacle to the effective adoption of the key tools in the fight against COVID-19 – physical distancing and personal (hand) hygiene. To address this problem, there is, in most countries in the region, at least a partial ban on alcohol. Common to almost all is that bars, restaurants and nightclubs are shut down but, in some at least, bottle stores and other retail outlets that sell liquor are allowed to be open for a legislated period of time…

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NEWS: Australia: More Alcohol, Higher Speed Fuel Bigger Road Toll

COVID-19 physical distancing measures mean more people are staying at home and working from home and only on the roads for essential needs. This has lead to a drop in Traffic in Australia. However, despite the reduced traffic – or because of it – there are more road traffic injury and death. Experts say its due to driving under the influence of alcohol and high speeds due to low traffic…

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NEWS: Russia: Alcohol Policy Reforms Yield Results

Alcohol policy reforms in Russia yield positive results for the country by reducing alcohol consumption and related harm.
Russia used to hold the title for being one of the countries in the world with the highest alcohol consumption. Now the rank has fallen to 14th – on par with Germany and France. Twelve years ago Russian per capita alcohol use was about 15 litres per year. Now it has declined to about 10 litres…

NEWS: New Orleans, USA: Perfect Storm of Alcohol Harm and COVID-19

In New Orleans, USA, the alcohol harm epidemic and the COVID-19 pandemic are brewing a perfect storm of violence, injury and trauma, fueled by soaring online alcohol sales during the country’s lockdown, and exerting a heavy strain on the emergency care system that is already on the brink…

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NEWS: WHO: Restrict Alcohol Access During COVID-19 Lockdown

The WHO Regional Offices for Europe, the Americas (PAHO) and the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO) have released important new guidance and advice on alcohol and COVID-19. With the new factsheet WHO reminds people that consuming alcohol does not protect them from COVID-19, and encourages governments to enforce measures which limit alcohol consumption…

NEWS: South Africa: The Struggle over COVID-19 Alcohol Sales Ban

The South African government has introduced a total alcohol sales ban to reduce risks of COVID-19 and alleviate alcohol’s heavy burden on the healthcare systen. A struggle has ensued over the ban between public health and safety experts and the alcohol industry…

MEMBER NEWS: Movendi Members Respond to COVID-19 Crisis

In the ongoing public health crisis that is COVID-19, Movendi International members are responding in impressive and inspiring ways. There is a vast number of member organizations who are running critical initiatives as part of the fight against the novel coronavirus and for the protection of people, families and communities. Initiatives range from information campaigns in the most marginalized villages, to online meetings and workshops, to offering healthy activities and coping advice for children, to making protective equipment and delivering face masks.
Here, we are compiling a worldwide overview of how Movendi International member organizations are stepping up in the face of this unprecedented public health crisis…

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NEWS: Worldwide Alcohol Policy Newsletter Week #15

Welcome to another week of carefully curated highlights from Alcohol Policy News, Latest Science Digest, and Big Alcohol Watch. This week, alcohol policy news come from Finland, Germany, Lichtenstein and Turkey. The Latest Science Digest covers the topics of Socio‐economic differences in all‐cause mortality in people with alcohol use disorder; the correct indicator to measure alcohol harm for the SDGs; the evidence-base for anti-stigma campaigns; and attitudes about unhealthy behaviors. The Big Alcohol Watch exposes how the alcohol industry weaponizes the alcohol norm, how Absolut vodka tries to hijack feminist values and how the alcohol industry interferes in South Africa, and why. This week’s Special Feature deals with the collision of the addiction epidemic and the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States…