Topic: Alcohol’s Harm To Others

NEWS: Big Alcohol Commits To Only Selling Alcohol-Free During COVID-19 Crisis*

The ten largest alcoholic beverages companies in the world have announced their collective decision to halt all retail and promotions of alcoholic products and instead only sell alcohol-free beverages, for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis…

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NEWS: Big Alcohol Exposed: Coors Cancels Two Ads

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic Big Alcohol company MillerCoors has had to cancel two of their ad campaigns. The ads exposed Coors’ unethical mareketing strategies – through the lense of the current global health crisis…

NEWS: Africa: Big Alcohol Making Inroads

In Africa Big Alcohol is making inroads with their efforts to convert alcohol abstainers to consumers, specifically targeting the middle class and youth. The World Health Organization is alarmed.
Alcohol use and related problems, including addiction, is spreading fast in Africa – driven by multinational alcohol industry giants in pursuit of profits. The situation has gotten worse over the years due to accelerating urbanization and economic development leading to bigger disposable incomes of people…

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NEWS: How COVID-19 Affects Alcohol, Advertising Industries

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly spreading across countries. As of now, the virus has spread to 198 countries and territories and has caused a total of 488,345 infections worldwide. The pandemic has affected many industries around the world.
This article investigates how the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences are affecting the alcohol and the advertising industries. This articel is as well as illustrating some troubling emerging trends…


Major alcohol producers have announced their commitment to helping fight the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Alcohol producers are shifting production to make hand sanitizers.
While this is welcome, there are several reasons for caution and concern.
In this statement of concern, Movendi International addresses three aspects that show worrying developments. We also make three calls for urgent action to mitigate alcohol harm during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Movendi International is gravely concerned about free PR and extensive media coverage of a health harmful industry; we are worried about preferential treatment of alcohol producers by regulators that might foment alcohol harm; and we are seriously concerned about the deregulation and weakening alcohol policy protections.
In response, Movendi International makes a call to action on three issues…

NEWS: UK: Doctors Call For Higher Alcohol Prices To Reduce NHS Burden

As the National Health Services (NHS) battles the COVID-19 crisis, a group of doctors has called for higher alcohol prices to reduce the burden of alcohol harm on the UK healthcare system.
An open letter signed by around 100 medics and public health professionals is asking the government to consider emergency measures to reduce the strain on the health service during the pandemic. One of the measures suggested is implementing minimum unit pricing (MUP). MUP is known to tackle at-high-risk alcohol use in the population which puts a severe burden on the health care system and specifically emergency services…

NEWS: Mexico: City Rejects Giant US-Owned Brewery Over Water Shortage

Voters in the Mexican City of Mexicali have rejected a giant US-owned brewery over water shortages concerns in their region. Mexico’s national human rights commission had warned the beer maker risked violating the right to water and highlighted irregularities in the permitting process. The new brewery would use up 25% of the communities drinking water. 76.1% of voters cast ballots against the $1.4bn brewery…

BLOG: What the Coronavirus Pandemic Means for Vulnerable Children

As societies are going into hibernation, people are to stay at home and self-isolate due to the coronavirus pandemic, vulnerable children have nowhere else to go than their dangerous homes, none else to turn to than unpredictable adults in their homes.
In this important blog post, Mona helps us see this new situation with the eyes of affected children.
Every day, millions of children suffer because their parents – or other adults in their lives – are a threat to them. Parents who have alcohol problems, parents who use other drugs, parents with mental illness, parents who are violent. The problem of children growing up in homes with parental alcohol problems is massive and so far has remained largely ignored despite the scale of the problem, the immense dangers to the health and wellbeing of affected children and the serious violations of children’s rights. The physical distancing and self-isolation measures during the COVID-19 pandemic are now compounding the situation of vulnerable children.
Therefore, Mona explores the extent of the problem and what the current situation means for vulnerable children. And she sugests a number of remedies to protect children as much as possible…

REPORT: Lower BAC Crash Fatalities Account for Significant Part of All Alcohol-Involved Road Deaths

From 2000 to 2015, there were 612,030 MVC fatalities in the U.S., of which 223,471 (37%) occurred in crashes involving 1 or more drivers with a positive BAC. Of these, 33,965 (15% of alcohol-involved crash fatalities or 6% of all fatalities) were from an MVC involving a BAC >0.00% but <0.08%. Lower BAC crash fatalities accounted for a meaningful proportion of all alcohol-involved MVC fatalities. The number of fatalities generally increased with increasing BAC level. In adjusted analyses, a 10 percentage point increase in the restrictiveness of the state policy environment was associated with reduced odds of alcohol involvement in crash fatalities at BACs >0.00% but <0.08% vs 0.00%...