Topic: Minority Rights

NEWS: New York, USA: Alcohol Ads Banned from NYC Property

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a ban on alcohol advertisements in NYC property. Alcohol ads would no longer be allowed on bus shelters, newsstands, phone booths and LinkNYC kiosks. The new ban takes effect immediately. However, existing advertisements are allowed to remain till the end of contract periods…

NEWS: Heineken Fined for US Trade Practice Violations

Alcohol watchdog of USA, the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) fined Heineken for USD 2.5 million for violation of trade practices.Heineken was charged with giving their BrewLock platform free of charge to bars and reimbursing others through credit card swipes. BrewLock is Heineken’s draught beer system. The TTB alleged the BrewLock draught system “both obligated and induced” the bars to buy beer from Heineken…

BLOG: We Care

These are times when our political leaders work to divide us and separate us by spreading lies and fears and hatred about different groups of people, instead of looking for true solutions to real problems. These are troubling times, when opinions are taken for facts, when talking points have replaced dialogue, when shouting is more important than listening, when corporate interests drown out people’s needs, when ideology trumps reality, when respect has become weakness and when truth has become an afterthought.

In times like this, it can be hard to feel hope and to see where change should come from. I believe, the starting point for change is to resist giving up and retreating, and instead stand firm by saying:

I care. We care. Let’s go…

NEWS: Experts: THC, Marijuana No Help For PTSD

Experts say: THC is no help for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) For every military veteran appearing in a Colorado public meeting to advocate for the right to use marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, mental health professionals throughout Colorado estimate they’ve worked with thousands whose pot use made their PTSD — and their lives in… Read more »