Our Global Voices Blog Portal is a diverse, borderless and largely volunteer-driven community for exchange of ideas and opinions, analysis and commentary. Our blog posts inform the global conversation on alcohol and other drugs, shed light on latest news and convey exciting stories.

Together with our Guest Expert Bloggers, an exciting lineup of esteemed and renowned experts, this Blog Portal covers various aspects of issues related to alcohol and other drugs. We provide reads about latest scientific evidence, advocacy positions, commentary and opinions and inspiring lifestyle stories.

Our Global Voices cover topics that are close to their hearts. And so their posts reflect both their expertise as well as their heart-driven passion for making transformative change happen.

The topics we cover in our Global Voices Blog Portal thus are a contribution to making the world a little better – one blog post at a time.

We cover topics in two main areas: Lifestyle and Policy Advocacy.

Lifestyle Topics

ADIC cool lifestyle_smallOur lifestyle topics are:

  • Alcohol culture and norm
  • Citizenship and democracy
  • Civil society
  • History
  • IOGT
  • Magic Drink
  • Prevention
  • Recovery
  • Research
  • Well-being

Policy Advocacy Topics

Congress_delegatesOur policy topics are:

  • Alcohol Harm
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Corporate Consumption Complex, including the tobacco and alcohol industry
  • Global Health
  • Human Rights, including Women’s Rights, Child Rights, Minority Rights, Youth Rights, Indigenous Rights
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Research
  • Social Justice
  • Sustainable Development