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NEWS: AVMSD Campaign: What About Our Kids?

EU health coalition calls for 6am to 11pm ban on advertising of alcohol and junk food
A coalition of European civil society organisations is advocating for later watershed times and restricted product placement for adverts and television marketing of alcohol and unhealthy food – by improving the current Audio-Visual Media Services Directive (AVMSD).
The advocacy campaign was officially launched today in the European Parliament with an event called “AVMSD: What about our kids?”

BLOG: The IOGT Year 2015

As 2015 is winding down and we are gearing up for another, new year – a significant one for IOGT International – I want to spend a moment or two and reflect about the IOGT year 2015…

NEWS: Civil Society Leaves EU Alcohol Forum

More than 20 civil society organizations, many of them public health bodies, have resigned from the EU Alcohol and Health Forum as the European Commission announced its refusal to heed calls from both EU member states as well s the European Parliament to adopt a new EU Alcohol Strategy…

PRESS RELEASE: The Hidden Human Rights Crisis

Silently suffering by the millions – children of alcoholics need and deserve better efforts from society to protect, support and empower them. As the Children of Alcoholics Week is coming to an end civil society leaders call in a joint press release for stronger efforts to not leave children of alcoholics isolated and alone…

BLOG: myIOGT – IOGT Is What Our Members Make Of It

Our members and Member Organization are the heart of IOGT International and the “myIOGT – Life Set Free Together” campaign offers a platform and channel to them all to express what IOGT means to them and to indicate where IOGT International should go, headed into the future. It consists of two pillars, and each pillar consists of two elements.
1) The bond between each member and IOGT International
1.1) Photographs of members worldwide on the topic.
1.2) Short films about our members, their stories and their life with IOGT.

2) The democratic mechanism – it is our members and Member Organisations who make IOGT International
2.1) You decide what IOGT International does in the future (2015 – 2018)
The Plan of Action, the thematic and geographic focus areas, our policy positions concerning alcohol policy as well narcotic drug policy.
2.2) One of the highlights of the World Congress 68 is the Exhibition Promising Practices.
The idea is simple: in an open space, much like a fair or market place, every Member Organisation present at World Congress 68 will be exhibiting one or some of their projects, activities, campaigns that they are most proud of – that they think is a Promising Practice, to be shared with the IOGT family…

BLOG: Self-Esteem Is Key For Changing The World

Youth today grow up in a culture that teaches them they are inadequate, and the way to solve it is by using substances. We live in a world that materialistically has never fared better, but that spiritually has never fared worse. We all grow up today with bruised self-esteem and so it is crucial to give youth some power back of their own happiness, their own confidence, their self-image…