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PRESS RELEASE: Probably… Illegal? Carlsberg and UEFA circumvent French law during EURO 2016

NGOs issue complaint to French government: Carlsberg and UEFA are deliberately circumventing French law during EURO 2016 and in doing so they are exposing alcohol ads to millions of children…

NEWS: EURO 2016, Carlsberg Flood Kids With Alcohol Ads

Alcohol adverts seen nearly once a minute during Euro 2016 games
Alcohol Concern has analyzed how much English and Welsh football supporters watching the Euro 2016 games were exposed to alcohol ads. During the group stages of Euro 2016 the saw alcohol marketing almost once a minute during game play, the study shows.
Over the five group matches played by England and Wales – including the game between them that ended in a 2-1 victory for England, the Carlsberg brand was seen 392 times. This equated to an average of 78.4 a game, or once every 72 seconds.

BLOG: EURO2016 Problems: At Work Surrounded By Alcohol

There are many reasons why alcohol brand marketing is misplaced in professional sports. And Roy Carroll, Northern Ireland’s goalkeeper symbolizes one.
To my mind, the well-being of the players during and after their career and the environments that they do their jobs in, should make it as easy as possible to be healthy. For those few that ever make into professional football, their dream should not become a nightmare, just because the alcohol industry needs a marketing platform…

NEWS: ‘Dry January’ Cuts Alcohol Sales In Half

In the United Kingdom supermarket sales of alcohol have plummeted in January as more people than ever before are taking part in ‘Dry January’ campaign. Last year in the UK, an average of almost £1 in every £10 spent in supermarkets was spent on alcohol. However, so far this year this ratio has dropped to just 46p. At the same time, overall sales of drinks for the first two weeks of January are well above the monthly average of drinks sales in 2015…

NEWS: UK: Online Shops Fail To Check Age On Alcohol Sales

In the United Kingdom, online shops fail to check age on alcohol sales, new research shows. A survey finds less than half of delivery staff ask for ID when handing over goods that minors are banned from buying. This failure by the alcohol industry to comply with the law means children can get their hands on alcohol… Read more »