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NEWS: Uganda: Alcohol Sachets Election Issue

News reports in Uganda sound the alarm: Alcohol sachets election issue – but not in the way advocates for public health and sustainable development might wish.
In 50 days Uganda will hold Presidential elections and in the run-up to election day the nine candidates running for office are gearing up their campaigns. Campaigns, however, have now come under intense scrutiny for their use of alcohol, namely waragi…

NEWS: UK: New Labour Leader Lives Alcohol-Free

Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, MP has been elected the new Labour Party leader, making him the leader of the UK’s official opposition. Mr. Corbyn is a 66-year-old left-wing MP, who was first elected to Parliament in 1983, when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister. Mr. Corbyn has been MP for the London constituency of Islington North for 32 years,… Read more »

BLOG: An Alcohol Perspective On Dr. Chan’s WHO Speech

In her report to the WHO Executive Board 136th Session, DG Dr. Chan addressed the major challenges in global health. This article highlights the links to alcohol harm and alcohol policy inherent in her speech. An informative ride through important quotes and comments on them…

BLOG: Alcohol Harms Democracy

Alcohol harms democracy in many ways: it inhibits people’s capacities and potential to be active citizens and take charge of their communities and societies; it erodes the democratic mechanisms of our institutions; it disables civil society’s access to decision-making processes and democratic participation; it hijacks the public realm for commercial interests, not public interests. This is important to understand to be able to make more and better efforts to protect the rights of those voices of normal people, NGOs, and independent researchers to make democracy reality and vibrant…

BLOG: Government Of The (Alcohol) Industry, By The Industry, For The Industry

The European Commission is supposed to be independent “beyond doubt” but Trade Commissioner De Gucht has a million Euro stake in a Tuscan wine production, shining the spot light on apparent conflict of interest in the upcoming trade talks between the EU and the US, and also other countries around the world…

BLOG: Deconstructing ICAP’s Recent Misadventures in the Global Policy Arena

What is happening to the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP)? For an organization that proudly boasts about its “analysis, balance and partnership,” ICAP’s façade of corporate social responsibility has been undermined by a recent series of bombshell revelations.