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BLOG: The French Dry January: A Success Story Despite Wine Makers’ Lobby And The Complicity of President Macron

The first ever Dry January campaign in France faced stiff opposition from the wine lobby and from President Macron. After originally committing to the campaign, the government withdrew its support in a bow to the lobby pressure of the alcohol industry.
But as Prof Naassila writes in this inspiring article, more than 30 civil society groups joined forces, defied the President and wine lobby and accomplished a remarkable success in the first year of the January challenge “à la française”.
Read about impressive numbers and the story behind the success and find out about the chances that 2021 will see another Dry January challenge…

NEWS: ANPAA, France: Exposing Big Alcohol Lobbying

Association Nationale de Prevention en Alcoologie et Adictiologie (ANPAA) recently released a report on the alcohol industry lobbying practices in France. The ANPAA, a long-time partner of IOGT International, reports at the heart of these industry lobbying initiatives is a strategy to position itself as an “actor of prevention” to the public authorities so that they can disseminate their own prevention messages, focusing solely on individual responsibility of consumers. The impact of the environment on consumption (advertising, accessibility, price) is deliberately ignored, as is any proposal for binding measures…