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NEWS: Australia: Sports Help Drown Kids In Alcohol Ads

A new study has revealed that Australian Football League (AFL), National Rugby League (NRL) and Cricket are promoting alcohol to children. Research from Monash University shows that Australian children and adolescents receive millions of exposures to alcohol advertising when watching AFL, NRL, and Cricket on TV. Almost half of the total amount of exposures (47%) are occurring during children’s daytime viewing.

NEWS: Australia: Urgent Calls For Action On Alcohol Ads

Civil society, health promotion groups and federal Members of Parliament from all parties have called for legislation on alcohol marketing after release of the Alcohol Advertising Review Board 2014-15 Annual Report. The report of the Alcohol Advertising Review Board (AARB), administered by health organisations and chaired by Professor Fiona Stanley AC, provides further evidence that self-regulation of alcohol advertising is ineffective and that many alcohol companies are ignoring concerns about young people’s exposure to alcohol ads through sport, television and online marketing.

NEWS: Alcohol’s Harm To Others – More Evidence

Alcohol’s social harm takes a heavy toll: numbers from Western Australia tell the story. Trauma specialists reveal that alcohol is linked to about 20% of Royal Perth Hospital’s trauma admissions. At least 12 West Australians per day need to be treated by paramedics because of alcohol use. Research contributes more evidence: One Australian teenager dies and more than 60 are admitted to hospital each week due to alcohol-related incidents. Teenagers who start using alcohol before the age of 15 are five times more likely to become dependent on alcohol than those who do not start until they are 21.

NEWS: Report: Recognize FASD As Disability In Australia

A new report on Indigenous alcohol use recommends to recognise FASD as disability in Australia. The report entitled “Alcohol: hurting people and harming communities” by the Standing committee says Indigenous children fall through cracks of the education system and later land in prison as FASD is misdiagnosed or not treated. A significant number of Aboriginal children are falling through the cracks of the education system and later often ending up in prison because foetal alcohol syndrome is not recognised as a disability in Australia, a national report on alcohol use in Aboriginal communities has found.

NEWS: Alcohol Labeling Is Failing

A new study revelas: Australia’s current system of alcohol warning labels is failing to effectively convey health messages to the public. Researchers of Deakin University’s School of Psychology analysed awareness of the voluntary warning labels and examined recognition of the ‘Get the facts’ logo that is supposed to direct alcohol consumers to the alcohol industry-led informational website DrinkWise. The scientists also studied whether alcohol consumers actually visited this website.

NEWS: Today: Alcohol-Free On FASD Awareness Day

Every year international FASD Awareness Day is celebrated on the 9th September. Community events to mark FASD Awareness Day now take place around the world with communities traditionally pausing at 9.09am, the 9th minute of the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month of the year, representing the 9 months of pregnancy. This time provides us with an opportunity to pause to reflect and consider the choice to have an alcohol free pregnancy and to share this prevention message across the world…

BLOG: Facing Crisis We Must Be Human

We do not own this world. We share it. The issue whether the refugees are welcome or not, is not a question. Of course they are welcome to enter another part of the world. Another part of their home. Because the world is home of all human beings and the borders are just a human construct…

NEWS: Australians Spend More On Alcohol Than Education

New research into Australian spending habits reveals that households that spend more on alcohol showed a higher probability to report experiencing financial hardship. The study entitled “How is alcohol expenditure distributed in Australia”, funded by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) and undertaken by the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR), is the first of its kind in Australia, using Australian Bureau of Statistics Household Expenditure Survey data to examine alcohol purchasing in relation to demographic factors, income, living situation and reports of financial difficulties.

NEWS: Australia: Children Inundated By Alcohol Ads

A new Australian study has found that children who love to watch sport on television are more likely to get exposed to alcohol ads than those who watch non-sport TV. These new findings are questioning the effectiveness of advertising regulations designed to protect children.

NEWS: Australia: More Teens Alcohol Free

A new study found that the number of 14 to 17-year olds choosing to live free from alcohol has doubled in the past 13 years. The patterns of alcohol use has thus shifted more dramatically among Australian adolescents compared to any other age group…