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NEWS: Poland: Big Alcohol Lobbies For Online Retail Permission

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which is threatening almost all industries globally, in Poland, Big Alcohol lobbies relentlessly for online retail permission to protect their profits. A Big Alcohol lobby group is pushing for the government to permit online alcohol delivery…

NEWS: Africa: Big Alcohol Making Inroads

In Africa Big Alcohol is making inroads with their efforts to convert alcohol abstainers to consumers, specifically targeting the middle class and youth. The World Health Organization is alarmed.
Alcohol use and related problems, including addiction, is spreading fast in Africa – driven by multinational alcohol industry giants in pursuit of profits. The situation has gotten worse over the years due to accelerating urbanization and economic development leading to bigger disposable incomes of people…

BLOG: You’ve Never Thought About The Alcohol Norm In This Way Before

The vast majority of the Swedish population does not value alcohol as an aspect of social gatherings. But the alcohol norm – not only in Sweden but across the world – seems to create a culture where people consume alcohol despite not wanting to.
How come people’s preferences can be suppressed in such a scale?
Why is it like that?
Who benefits from this actually?
In his revolutionary blog post, Lucas provides through-provoking answers to these questions. With the use of state-of-the-art science, he then suggests a completely new way to think about the role of alcohol in our societies…

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NEWS: Estonia-Latvia: Border Controls Halt Alcohol Tourism

The reintroduction of border controls between Estonia and Latvia due to the COVID-19 pandemic has halted alcohol tourism.
After border controls were introduced to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the number of Estonians crossing the border to neighboring Latvia to purchase alcohol has declined significantly…

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NEWS: How COVID-19 Affects Alcohol, Advertising Industries

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly spreading across countries. As of now, the virus has spread to 198 countries and territories and has caused a total of 488,345 infections worldwide. The pandemic has affected many industries around the world.
This article investigates how the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences are affecting the alcohol and the advertising industries. This articel is as well as illustrating some troubling emerging trends…


Major alcohol producers have announced their commitment to helping fight the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Alcohol producers are shifting production to make hand sanitizers.
While this is welcome, there are several reasons for caution and concern.
In this statement of concern, Movendi International addresses three aspects that show worrying developments. We also make three calls for urgent action to mitigate alcohol harm during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Movendi International is gravely concerned about free PR and extensive media coverage of a health harmful industry; we are worried about preferential treatment of alcohol producers by regulators that might foment alcohol harm; and we are seriously concerned about the deregulation and weakening alcohol policy protections.
In response, Movendi International makes a call to action on three issues…

MEMBER NEWS: Juvente Norway Releases New Mystery Shopping Report

For the thirteenth year in a row, our youth member organization Juvente in Norway has been testing the compliance of grocery stores with the alcohol age limit concerning the sale of alcohol to minors.
In 2019, Juvente managed to conduct mystery shopping tests (“Sjenkekontroll”) in all counties of the country. Results are still problematic. In almost every fifth attempt, Juvente’s minors were allowed to buy alcohol…

NEWS: 3 Reasons Why Japan’s Youth Go Alcohol-Free

Alcohol use has been declining among Japan’s youth who are increasingly preferring alcohol-free lifestyles. According to data from Suntory Holdings in 2019, the market for non-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages had quadrupled. There a three major reasons for this positive trend…

NEWS: Lithuania: Most People Happy with Alcohol Retail Laws

According to a survey commissioned by the Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department, most people in Lithuania are happy with current alcohol retail laws.From 2018 itself majority of Lithuanians backed the improved alcohol control in the country. Now the support is grown even more as the positive effects of the laws become observable in communities. The survey carried out by Spinter Tyrimai in 2019, on 1000 Lithuanians aged 18 to 74 found, 51% have a positive opinion about existing alcohol restrictions…

NEWS: Worldwide Alcohol Policy Newsletter Week #11

Welcome to another week of carefully curated highlights from Alcohol Policy News, Latest Science Digest, and Big Alcohol Watch. Alcohol policy news come from Sweden, Wales, Kenya and the Women’s Rights movement. The Latest Science Digest covers the link between alcohol availability and violence, how older women perceive their own alcohol use, the link between alcohol, DNA damage and cancer, and the alcohol expectancies that children hold. The Big Alcohol Watch exposes an ugly new trend, the lobbying onslaught in Ireland, and another self-regulation failure in the UK. The Special Feature deals with the growing need for better regulation of digital alcohol trade…