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NEWS: Big Alcohol: Tequila Maker Uses Insta Stories to Sell

An emerging tactic by Big Alcohol is spotted from tequila maker Patrón’s strategy to use Insta story ads to sell their product. With this, Patrón is the first liquor brand to allow ordering directly through Instagram, according to Adweek reporting.
The new feature allows users to directly buy liquor by swiping up on ads in Patrón’s Instagram stories. Users can place orders that are delivered via third-party platforms …

NEWS: UK: Big Alcohol Lobbies Against Health Guidelines

The alcohol industry is poised to launch an aggressive challenge against the UK Government’s new alcohol guidelines
Lobbyists of the alcohol industry front group The Portman Group have announced an aggressive contribution to the Department of Health consultation on the new limits set by Sally Davies, the chief medical office. The consultation only is for consulting on how the changes are to be communicated, but Big Alcohol vows to attack the scientific basis for the new guidelines…