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NEWS: New WHO Europe Report Shows Lack of Regulation Despite Growing Online Alcohol Marketing

Lack of regulation leaves door open to harmful digital marketing of alcohol, according to the new report “Alcohol marketing in the WHO European Region”. However, not all pricing policies are equal in their effectiveness or impact on alcohol harm and socioeconomic inequalities fueled by alcohol, says WHO Europe in the new report.
The new “update report on evidence and recommended policy actions” summarizes advances in the evidence and progress made since 2012 in the area of alcohol marketing in the WHO European Region. At the same time, it demonstrates the need for improved alcohol marketing policies that are capable of effectively regulating the quickly evolving digital marketing methodologies employed in the commercial sector to market alcoholic beverages…

NEWS: Burkina Faso: 300,000 Liters of Liquor Destroyed in Ouagadougou

Burkina Faso: 300,000 Liters of Liquor Destroyed in Ouagadougou As part of the government’s efforts to curb informal alcohol, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Handicrafts, through the Mobile Economic Control and Fraud Prevention Brigade (BMCRF), proceeded to destroy sachets of adulterated alcoholic beverages and beverages unfit for consumption at the landfill center in Tanghin,… Read more »

NEWS: UK: Emerging Evidence on Alcohol Use During COVID-19

The Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) has released a summary report of emerging evidence about alcohol use and harm during the coronavirus crisis in the United Kingdom. The new report summarises emerging evidence regarding changes in UK alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 lockdown, by bringing together findings from different sources…

NEWS: South Africa: Alcohol Sales Ban Success Shows Potential of Policy Action

The success of the recent alcohol sales ban in South Africa as part of measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 shows the potential of policy action in preventing and reducing alcohol harm in the country. Now evidence and momentum seem to be gathering in support of more urgent, comprehensive action to tackle the South African alcohol burden…

NEWS: Botswana Weakens Alcohol Laws, Lifts Ban on Alcohol Sports Sponsorship

The government of Botswana has announced its decision to lift the ban on alcohol sponsorship and partnerships between sporting codes and the alcohol industry. It’s a stunning move that reverses the modern alcohol policy course of the country and puts children and youth in alcohol harm’s way…

BLOG: The Alcohol Policy Situation in East Africa During COVID-19

Already before the current coronavirus crisis, alcohol harm placed a heavy burden on communities across East Africa. As COVID-19 struck the region and governments responded in different ways, numerous concerns emerged regarding another wave of alcohol harm.
In this comprehensive blog post, William explores the aspects that matter most to this story: How are political leaders responding? How is the alcohol industry working to exploit the public health crisis? How have people respected or circumvented the alcohol-related lockdown measures and what has civil society done to stem the tide of alcohol harm?
Lots of questions. And the answers are shocking, compelling, infuriating and hope inspiring…

BLOG: The Pass-Through Rates of Excise Taxes to Alcoholic Beverage Prices: New Evidence from OECD Countries

Among all policies aimed at reducing heavy alcohol use and related harms, increasing taxes is the most effective intervention. Therefore, it matters greatly how much alcohol prices increase in response to per unit tax increase – the so-called tax pass through rate. Nevertheless, evidence is still scarce.
In this blog post, Ce Shang introduces groundbreaking research with colleagues Anh Ngo and Frank J. Chaloupka. They have examined the pass-through rates of various alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and liquors in 27 OECD countries from 2003 to 2016. By analzying the tax pass-through rates on alcoholic beverages comprehensively, this new research provides insights for more informed, efficacious, and effective alcohol taxation policies to reduce alcohol harm and promote healthy behaviors.
Ce Shang and colleagues evaluate how taxes are passed differently to various price levels along the price distribution (i.e., higher- vs. lower priced products), showing that for most alcoholic beverages, the tax pass-through rates are higher for higher-priced products. Overall, manufacturers of beer and wine may adjust down the prices of lower-priced products in response to past tax hikes to keep these products affordable. The alcohol industry in responding strategically to taxes in order to keep cheap alcohol as cheap as possible. Thus, despite tax increases, prices of cheap products may still be low…

REPORT: Relationships Between Area Income, Off‐Premise Alcohol Outlet Density, Alcohol Use Patterns and Problems

Distinguishing the impacts of neighborhood income and off‐premise alcohol outlet density on alcohol use has proven difficult, particularly given the conflation of these measures across neighborhood areas.
Living in a high‐income site, regardless of off‐premise alcohol outlet density, was associated with more frequent alcohol use and higher alcohol dependence/problems.
Both individual‐level income and site‐level income were related to greater frequencies of use, but lower income alcohol users in high‐income areas consumed more alcohol than comparable alcohol users in low‐income areas.
Study participants living in high‐density off‐premise alcohol outlet sites consumed alcohol less frequently but did not differ in terms of either AUDIT scores or heavy alcohol use from participants living in low‐density sites…

NEWS: Big Alcohol Bets on Free Beer After COVID-19 Lockdowns

Big Alcohol’s latest strategies to protect and promote their profits include schemes of pre-bought beer and free beer vouchers as bars and restaurants open across Europe and around the world after COVID-19 lockdowns. Big Alcohol has started offering various schemes to pull back people into buying alcohol from bars and restaurants. These include pre-paid beer and free beer schemes…

NEWS: California, USA: On-Demand Alcohol Delivery Apps Harm Youth

The government fo California says on-demand delivery apps are driving a surge in alcohol deliveries to minors during COVID-19.
A new investigation by the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) department of the state of California found that on-demand alcohol delivery apps harm youth by delivering alcohol to minors. The problem appears to be growing and is a serious concern due to the dangers associated with under-age alcohol consumption…