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NEWS: Week #50 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

The week 50 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains alcohol policy updates about a new WHO technical package for alcohol policy, news that people consider alcohol increasingly unimportant in Scandinavia, Cambodia is set to tackle NCDs and risk factors with development assistance from Russia, and alcohol-related deaths rising in the United States.
Fresh science updates are about: The case for prioritizing action on alcohol for health and development, a new Japanese study showing any alcohol raises cancer risk, a study showing cancer risk is top reason to quit alcohol, and a new study finding that alcohol and tobacco control policy reduces cancer deaths in Australia.
The Big Alcohol monitor exposes: The difficult case of Dry January in France, Big Alcohol claiming pregnancy warning to be too costly, in Australia, and brewers incentivizing heavy student alcohol use in the Netherlands.
Special features: New report about alcohol as obstacle to development showing that 14 of 17 SDGs are adversely affected.
In the upcoming events alert we highlight: GAPC 2020, and summerLEAHP 2020…

REPORT: Association Between Clinically Recorded Alcohol Consumption And Initial Presentation Of 12 Cardiovascular Diseases

Heterogeneous associations exist between level of alcohol consumption and the initial presentation of cardiovascular diseases. This has implications for counselling patients, public health communication, and clinical research, suggesting a more nuanced approach to the role of alcohol in prevention of cardiovascular disease is necessary…

BLOG: Alcohol Industry Out Of Touch With Reality

One fact is that the alcohol industry is out of touch with reality. It’s words, talking points and PR messages are grotesquely different from its actions and impact on the world.

NEWS: BMJ: Big Beer Behemoth Threat To Global Health

The two biggest beer producers in the world have agreed on terms for a gigantic deal. The merger is set to create a beer behemoth responsible for one in three beers sold worldwide. We are deeply concerned as this spells trouble for people and communities around the world and will pose even greater obstacles to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals…

NEWS: UK: Hidden Alcohol Epidemic Among Over-50s

A brand new study finds: Highly educated people above the age of 50 who generally lead a healthy, active and sociable life and are at higher risk of alcohol use disorder, compared to less well-off peers. The study analysed data from more than 9,000 people and concluded that alcohol use in the age group 50-plus years is a hidden middle class phenomenon…

NEWS: BMJ Editorial: Alcohol – Who Is Paying The Price?

The burden of alcohol harm on individual health, on families’ socio-economic well-being, on healthcare systems, as well as on economic productivity of companies and economies has been well documented. Alcohol is among the 5 leading causes of death and disability worldwide…

NEWS: Study: Long Working Hours Lead To Alcohol Problems

New research suggests that people who work long hours can increase risk of adverse health problems. Researchers found that working more than 48 hours per week makes it more likely for people to engage in alcohol consumption with hazardous patterns compared to those who work a standard week. They also have an increased risk of liver diseases,… Read more »

BLOG: ICAP’s Metamorphosis: From Analysis, Balance, And Partnership To Industry Lobby Group?

We can no longer afford to have a multi-billion dollar industry for a product that is ranked as third leading risk factor for death and is responsible for 5.5% of the Global Burden of Disease, controlling the public relations agenda. Metamorphasis is controlled by DNA, and the current transition indicates that ICAP’s development is being directed by its alcohol and tobacco industry genes…