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NEWS: Mixing Energy Drinks, Alcohol Affects Brain Like Cocaine

Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol May Affect Adolescent Brains Like Cocaine
According to researchers, mixing high energy drinks with alcohol triggers changes in the teen brain similar to those experiences when taking cocaine.
Purdue University study found adolescent brains react to caffeinated alcohol like an adult brain would react to cocaine. The combination damages brain’s reward center, has devastating impacts that last long into adulthood. It triggered a rise in levels of dangerous proteins that have lasting neurological impacts, according to the study…

BLOG: Energy Drinks Give “Energy” Is Myth… But Are Gateway Into Drugs

This is really a serious trend among the young, that parents and teachers need to be sensitised about: “The myth that energy drinks give extra energy should be dispelled,” scientists said at the 45th National Conference of the Nutrition Society of India (NSI). Not only are those “energy drinks” not healthy, they are even unhealthy. On top of that, they are obviously gateways into the use of alcohol and other drugs….