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NEWS: Germany: Every 5th Person Can’t Afford Healthy Lifestyle

According to a new study by PwC every 5th person in Germany can’t afford a healthy lifestyle.
45% of Germans say they suffer from at least one chronic disease, which go hand in hand with unhealthy lifestyles fueled by private industry interests such as alcohol, tobacco use, and poor nutrition. PwC, an auditing firm, conducted a survey to explore why Germans are not changing their lifestyle to healthier behavior.
What they found is that a fifth of the respondents said a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and enough exercise was not affordable to them. Social isolation may also be playing a role, as 14% of the respondents claimed to be isolated…

REPORT: The Commercial Determinants Of Health

WHO Director-General Margaret Chan has noted that “efforts to prevent non-communicable diseases go against the business interests of powerful economic operators”.1 Selling processed food and drink, alcohol, and tobacco is big business and demand is booming, especially in low-income and middle-income countries…