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NEWS: Brazil: Alcohol Policy to Reduce Homicide

Over 1,060,000 Brazilians have fallen victim to homicide since 2000. Nevertheless, the Brazilian government is failing to adopt a comprehensive strategy and launch a federal agenda to reduce and prevent crime and corruption. However, best and promising practices exist at subnational level where efforts offer hints into what works – including alcohol policy solutions…

NEWS: South Africa: Alcohol Source Of Road Crashes, Crime

South Africa: Alcohol Source Of Road Crashes, Crime At least 1500 deaths and thousands of injuries will result from road carnage this festive season in South Africa, according to Police Minister Bheki Cele. The Minister further explained that it’s the same police stations that report increasing rates of murders, attempted murders, rapes and domestic abuse as those… Read more »

REPORT: Organised Crime and Illicit Trade in Tobacco, Alcohol and Pharmaceuticals

This report examines the illicit trade in tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutcial products. The most prevalent methods used by OCGs involved in this trade will be discussed in further detail below, but the overview provided here illustrates the scope of their activities…