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NEWS: Many Benefits Of An Alcohol-Free Month

Dry January is an initiative of the British NGO Alcohol Change, which inspires and supports people to try and start the year with a month free from alcohol. The alcohol-free month in January has gone global and Dry January is a worldwide phenomenon now – as evidenced by a recent Wall Street Journal article by Sumathi Reddy entitled “The Dry January Effect. Now that the British fad is taking hold in the U.S., research shows that losing booze for a month has several health benefits—sometimes months later”.
Research shows that the people participating in Dry January are experiencing major benefits…

BLOG: 2017 Wrap-Up: 3 Secrets For Our Successes

2017 wrap-up I am scrolling through IOGT International’s Instagram account looking back at our 2017. The year was very rich! And very successful. I am thankful for this moment of writing my blog for you, as it gives me some time to take it all fully in. I’d love to share three secrets for our successes with… Read more »

MEMBER NEWS: India: National Youth Meet

Yuva Bharat meets for national workshop and Drink Revolution kick-off
Yuva Bharat, the national youth movement for alcohol-free lifestyle in India, gathered youth from all over India for a national youth meet and to kick off the Indian activities of Drink Revolution…