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BLOG: The French Dry January: A Success Story Despite Wine Makers’ Lobby And The Complicity of President Macron

The first ever Dry January campaign in France faced stiff opposition from the wine lobby and from President Macron. After originally committing to the campaign, the government withdrew its support in a bow to the lobby pressure of the alcohol industry.
But as Prof Naassila writes in this inspiring article, more than 30 civil society groups joined forces, defied the President and wine lobby and accomplished a remarkable success in the first year of the January challenge “à la française”.
Read about impressive numbers and the story behind the success and find out about the chances that 2021 will see another Dry January challenge…

NEWS: UK: Dry January Boosts No-Alcohol Sales

In the United Kingdom (UK), the Dry January campaign has boosted no-alcohol sales by almost 40% in January 2020. Dry January is a campaign launched by the non-profit organization Alcohol Change UK. The campaign was registered in 2014. This year an estimated 4.2 million Britons took part in the alcohol-free month to start 2020…

NEWS: Big Focus on Alcohol-Free Lifestyle to Start 2020

From Dry January, to the growing sober curious movement and increasing demand for alcohol-free choice, there is increasingly big attention on the alcohol-free way of life in the beginning of 2020.
Dry January began in the United Kingdom many years ago with just 4000 people, but now it’s gaining traction around the world. But the increasing attention to and interest in the alcohol-free way of life and its benefits extends beyond Dry January…

NEWS: Week #50 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

The week 50 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains alcohol policy updates about a new WHO technical package for alcohol policy, news that people consider alcohol increasingly unimportant in Scandinavia, Cambodia is set to tackle NCDs and risk factors with development assistance from Russia, and alcohol-related deaths rising in the United States.
Fresh science updates are about: The case for prioritizing action on alcohol for health and development, a new Japanese study showing any alcohol raises cancer risk, a study showing cancer risk is top reason to quit alcohol, and a new study finding that alcohol and tobacco control policy reduces cancer deaths in Australia.
The Big Alcohol monitor exposes: The difficult case of Dry January in France, Big Alcohol claiming pregnancy warning to be too costly, in Australia, and brewers incentivizing heavy student alcohol use in the Netherlands.
Special features: New report about alcohol as obstacle to development showing that 14 of 17 SDGs are adversely affected.
In the upcoming events alert we highlight: GAPC 2020, and summerLEAHP 2020…

NEWS: France: The Difficult Case of Dry January

In France the case of dry January has been difficult from since the day it was proposed and even before plans were set. The French National Association of Prevention of Alcoholism and Addictions has been pushing for a “Dry January” campaign in France following the one in UK which has helped 4 million people reduce alcohol use…

NEWS: France: Despite Macron, Industry ‘Non’ Dry January Happening

Health promotion associations in France have launched activities to promote “Dry January”. They have commenced showcasing the benefits of similar campaigns in Belgium and the UK, despite despite the efforts of the alcohol lobby and pressures of President Macron…

NEWS: France: Macron Stands with Big Alcohol, Blocks Dry January

President of France Emmanuel Macron stands with Big Alcohol and blocks the proposed Dry January in France. Wine lobby groups started attacking the proposed Dry January campaign even before the formal proposal was submitted. It looks like their letter to the President on the matter worked as President Macron has said “you can let it be known that there will be no Janvier Sec (Dry January)…”

NEWS: Many Benefits Of An Alcohol-Free Month

Dry January is an initiative of the British NGO Alcohol Change, which inspires and supports people to try and start the year with a month free from alcohol. The alcohol-free month in January has gone global and Dry January is a worldwide phenomenon now – as evidenced by a recent Wall Street Journal article by Sumathi Reddy entitled “The Dry January Effect. Now that the British fad is taking hold in the U.S., research shows that losing booze for a month has several health benefits—sometimes months later”.
Research shows that the people participating in Dry January are experiencing major benefits…

NEWS: ‘Dry January’ Cuts Alcohol Sales In Half

In the United Kingdom supermarket sales of alcohol have plummeted in January as more people than ever before are taking part in ‘Dry January’ campaign. Last year in the UK, an average of almost £1 in every £10 spent in supermarkets was spent on alcohol. However, so far this year this ratio has dropped to just 46p. At the same time, overall sales of drinks for the first two weeks of January are well above the monthly average of drinks sales in 2015…