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BLOG: Battlefield: New Alcohol Draft Law In Estonia

An analysis of the battlefield that is Estonian politics after the government released the new alcohol draft law: what’s the main points of the bill; what’s the evidence-based; what’s the reaction of Big Alcohol?

NEWS: ECJ: Advocate-General Opinion On Finnish Alcohol Law

July 9, 2015, Luxembourg – According to an Advocate-General of the EU Court of Justice (ECJ), the Finnish retail marketing authorisation for commercial import of alcoholic beverages complies with EU law. The ECJ Advocate-General gave his opinion on a request for a preliminary ruling submitted by the Helsinki Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal wanted… Read more »

BLOG: Self-Esteem Is Key For Changing The World

Youth today grow up in a culture that teaches them they are inadequate, and the way to solve it is by using substances. We live in a world that materialistically has never fared better, but that spiritually has never fared worse. We all grow up today with bruised self-esteem and so it is crucial to give youth some power back of their own happiness, their own confidence, their self-image…