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BLOG: Advocacy Successes 2015

2015 has been a busy year as we have traveled the world for our advocacy work. Did we achieve anything? Have our efforts made any difference?

NEWS: UK Urges EU Action Curbing Alcohol Harm

On September 10, the UK Government issued its response to the House of Lords’ report on the EU Alcohol Strategy. Civil society organizations have welcomed the UK Government’s commitment and detailed opinion on how to address alcohol harm at the European level. Some of the key points outlined in the response include support for MUP in Scotland and a call for adjusting the European minimum tax on wine and liquor…

NEWS: Open Letter To European Commission

Glenis Willmott MEP in her role as a co-sponsor of the EU Resolution on the Alcohol Strategy, along with a number of other Members of the European Parliament, has written to the European Commission’s President and Vice-President raising her concerns and calling for further action…

NEWS: European Commissioner Blasts Big Alcohol

European Commissioner for Health Mr Andriukaitis has fiercely criticized alcohol industry lobbyists and spoke passionately about alcohol-related deaths. Commissioner Andriukaitis lamented the influence of powerful corporate lobbyists for the alcohol industry this week, calling them “blind” to the premature deaths of their customers. Much of the commissioner’s remarks focused on alcohol, and Andriukaitis, a doctor by training, had harsh words for corporate interests. He said the sensitive issues of pricing, marketing and labeling should all be addressed at the EU level.

NEWS: EU Alcohol Strategy: Ministers Renew Call

A majority of ministers backed a call of the Slovenian delegation to present a new framework for the EU’s alcohol policy. This framework would help member states to tackle the abuse of alcohol and alcohol related harm. According to the WHO, alcohol is the third leading risk factor for disease and mortality in Europe…

NEWS: Launch Of MEP Friends Of Liver Group

A new cross-party MEP group has been launched in the European Parliament with the purpose of ensuring that Europe’s estimated 29 million chronic liver condition sufferers “are not forgotten”.
The ‘Friends of the liver MEP group’, aims to promote the issue of liver health at EU level, act as an information and exchange forum between stakeholders and EU policymakers and provide input and expertise on EU health related policies…

BLOG: Alcohol Policy In Europe Where Is It Headed?

It is in this time of crisis that might burden generations to come, that we all who work on alcohol policy within civil society organisations, universities and public authorities need to ask ourselves honestly: are we part of the problem, possibly? And where can we look to find better solutions?

I think it’s time for civil society to take decisive action, to stand up for democracy in Europe and a society of well-being and health, driven by the people…