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NEWS: EU: Big Alcohol Wants Special Interest Group in Parliament

Big Alcohol wants to establish a special interest group in the EU Parliament.
The lobby front group representing Big Alcohol at the EU level “Spirits Europe” has said they strongly support the re-establishment of the Parliamentary Intergroup on Wine, Spirits and Quality Foodstuffs…

NEWS: EU: Liquor Industry Lets Down Consumers (Again)

Europe’s liquor industry declared plans to list the number of calories and ingredients in their products. But the latest move is not nearly enough and has received heavy criticism from public health experts.
Alcoholic beverages have been exempt from EU labeling rules that are in force for all food and non-alcoholic drinks. Instead of regulating the alcohol industry and requiring effective labelling, the European Commission decided to rely on self-regulation allowing the alcohol industry to come up with their own plan to regulate itself.
The European consumers organization BEUC has said that, with Europe facing an obesity crisis, calorie content labeling for alcohol was a necessity.
In March 2018, the sector came up with an initiative to provide more information about energy content and ingredients but critics said at the time that if much of the information was available only online, it was not realistic to expect all consumers to have access to it…

MEMBER NEWS: Sweden: IOGT-NTO Launches Manifesto For EU Election

IOGT NTO’s goal is an EU that contributes to and empowers Member States to pursue evidence-based alcohol policy as well as creates opportunities for research, knowledge exchange and cooperation in order to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm. These are IOGT-NTO’s 10 recommendations to achieve the goal of a healthier and more sustainable EU…

NEWS: AVMSD Campaign: What About Our Kids?

EU health coalition calls for 6am to 11pm ban on advertising of alcohol and junk food
A coalition of European civil society organisations is advocating for later watershed times and restricted product placement for adverts and television marketing of alcohol and unhealthy food – by improving the current Audio-Visual Media Services Directive (AVMSD).
The advocacy campaign was officially launched today in the European Parliament with an event called “AVMSD: What about our kids?”

PRESS RELEASE: Over 450 European, Canadian Civil Society Groups Urge Legislators To Reject CETA

IOGT International together with over 450 public interest groups from across Europe and Canada today urged legislators to vote against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). They joined forces to defend people and planet against the threats posed by the EU-Canada agreement, which still needs to be ratified by the European Parliament. Should EU parliamentarians give the trade deal the green light, ratification votes in EU member states would follow…