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REPORT: Germany: Quantifying Harms to Others due to Alcohol Consumption

This study’s estimates indicate there is a substantial degree of health harm to third parties caused by alcohol in Germany. While more research on harms to others caused by alcohol is needed to provide comprehensive estimates, the results indicate a need for effective prevention…

REPORT: Preventing NCDs With Integrated, Life-Cycle Approach In Maternal And Child Health Services

Maternal and child health service programmes across the reproductive health life-cycle are strongly positioned to play an important role in NCD prevention given early life influences on NCD risks and outcomes. Many non-health sectors can impact NCD risk, and the SDG’s emphasis on multisectorality supports the consideration of NCD risk reduction in many different sectoral programmes…

NEWS: Ghana: National Alcohol Policy Launched

A national policy to regulate the production, distribution, sale, advertisement and consumption of alcohol has been launched in Accra, Ghana’s capital…

NEWS: 5 Most Read News Stories In 2016

5 Most Read News Stories On The IOGT Newsfeed
The IOGT Newsfeed has generated more than 270 breaking news stories in 2016…

NEWS: Study: Dad’s Alcohol Use Tied To FAS

Study ties fetal alcohol syndrome to dad’s alcohol use before conception. Expectant mothers’ alcohol use during pregnancy is a known cause of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). FAS is one of a range of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). FAS children can suffer physical deformities, reduced intellect, stunted growth, nervous system abnormalities, social problems and isolation. A new study, entitled “Transgenerational effects of paternal alcohol exposure in mouse offspring”, published in Animal Cells and Systems suggests the father’s alcohol consumption also may contribute to FAS.

NEWS: Rwanda: Alcohol, Pregnancy Recipe For Disaster

Experts in Rwanda warn: Alcohol During Pregnancy Is a Recipe for Disaster. Experts say alcohol has adverse effects on pregnant women and has also got the potential to prevent women from getting pregnant.   “The baby’s body is formed during the first three months hence alcohol consumed during this period can result in physical abnormalities in… Read more »