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NEWS: WHO: New Technical Guide for Alcohol Policy

The World Health Organization has released a brand new technical document guiding alcohol policy formulation. The new technical guide comprises the five most cost-effective and high-impact strategies that help governments to prevent and reduce alcohol harm and related health, social and economic consequences…

REPORT: Prioritising Action On Alcohol For Health And Development

Despite the existence of cost effective interventions to reduce alcohol harm, many countries are not giving it the attention it deserves, say Dag Rekve and colleagues…

BLOG: Advocacy Successes 2015

2015 has been a busy year as we have traveled the world for our advocacy work. Did we achieve anything? Have our efforts made any difference?

PRESS RELEASE: IOGT Endorses GAPC2015 Declaration

IOGT International fully endorses the declaration of the Global Alcohol Policy Conference.
This declaration was adopted at the closing of the Global Alcohol Policy Conference “Momentum for Change: Research and Advocacy Reducing Alcohol Harm”, in Edinburgh, Scotland, October 7 to 9, 2015…