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NEWS: Students Risk Health Mixing Alcohol, Energy Drinks

New research has found a link between consuming alcohol mixed with energy drinks and risk-taking behavior.
A new Victorian government report shows that youth who mix their alcohol with energy drinks are also more likely to be problem gamblers, show other risk-taking behavior such as heavy alcohol use or illicit drug use, and report more mental health problems…

NEWS: Europe: Alcohol Death Toll Rose Over 25 Years

WHO Europe report shows that the death toll from alcohol in the European region has been increasing by 4% over 25 years.
WHO Europe’s new report “Public health successes and missed opportunities. Trends in alcohol consumption and attributable mortality in the WHO European Region, 1990–2014” shows that over the past 25 years alcohol-attributable deaths increased by 4%. The European Region ranks highest globally in terms of adult per capita alcohol consumption, and the level and patterns of alcohol intake have contributed substantially to mortality from cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancer, liver cirrhosis, and unintentional and intentional injury…

NEWS: A Story Of Big Alcohol Muddling Science

The Muddled Link Between Booze and Cancer

Jennifer Chaussee has published an excellent article about the alcohol industry’s tactics to undercut independent science and sow doubt about scientific evidence concerning the health dangers of alcohol…

NEWS: Alcohol Linked To Heart-Rhythm Disorder

Study Finds Consuming Alcohol Linked To Heart-Rhythm Disorder
Using long-term hospital-admissions data from Texas, researchers found an association between alcohol intake and atrial fibrillation
A study comparing hospital admissions in “wet” versus “dry” counties in Texas offers a surprising new perspective on how alcohol consumption may affect the health of the human heart…