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BLOG: A simple idea for action to end violence against women

The title of the UN’s campaign for this day is “Say NO – unite to end violence against women”. My question is: what is the next step? It can be easy to say NO. But how easy is it to act accordingly? To wear an orange T-shirt is not enough. It’s a great reminder and a tool to raise awareness that, if we want a change, our wish needs to lead to actions. To be able to do so, it’s important to identify the reasons and the elements that ignite violence. One of the triggers as mentioned above is alcohol use.

BLOG: Hot from #EACA3

Vice-President’s speech in the opening of the conference: Africa is the place where the life and adventures of human kind have begun. Africa gave the world first tools, astronomy, art. Human kind got raised here and nowadays we are standing on a crossroad where we right on this continent can choose the way the human kind will walk on. It’s not Europe. It’s not USA. Western world has chosen a path of a slow self-destruction by letting the business-based organisations interfere in policies that are supposed to protect the public. This approach has negative impact on both developed and developing countries…

BLOG: Keeping the Momentum Alive for Saving Lives

We need to continue down this path of fighting NCDs, using the cost-effective Best Buys that tackle major risk factors like alcohol use. NCDs are a huge burden on the economic productivity and the societal development of nations worldwide. And NCDs really keep human beings worldwide in the prison of poverty. So, alcohol harm as one major risk factor must be prevented and reduced, through banning alcohol marketing, increasing the price and reducing the availability. All that brings more freedom.

BLOG: 25th is #OrangeDay

The 25th of each month is a UN Secretary General’s campaign to end violence against women. Orange color is used to highlight the day. IOGT International joins this initiative and to contribute with the expertise on relation between alcohol use and gender based violence. Alcohol is seldom a sole explanation for the use of violence, but it’s strikingly often the triggering factor. You will notice that especially for this day each month, IOGT International will dress in orange and bring you information on the topic. Facts, solutions, movies, methods and will encourage you to share your opinions and best practice so we can together end violence against women and girls.

BLOG: Introducing the IOGT International World Channel for news, insights and flash updates

I am proud to introduce the IOGT International World Channel. It is our freshest way of communicating with you and we hope that using this medium more often will give you better possibilities to join our work, contribute, spread, discuss and shape it.
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