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NEWS: Study: Fathers Should Also Skip Alcohol

A new study says both parents should stop alcohol use prior to conception to protect the baby from developing congenital heart disease. Previous studies have always focused on mothers’ alcohol use when it comes to babies developing congenital heart disease. This is the first study to take fathers’ alcohol use also into consideration…

REPORT: Parental Alcohol Consumption and the Risk of Congenital Heart Diseases in Offspring

Although the role of potential bias and evidence of heterogeneity should be carefully evaluated, our review indicates that parental alcohol exposures are significantly associated with the risk of CHDs in offspring, which highlights the necessity of improving health awareness to prevent alcohol exposure during preconception and conception periods…

REPORT: Genetic Changes Resulting from Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

These data suggest that prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) significantly elevates DNA methylation of POMC and PER2and increases levels of stress hormones. Furthermore, these results suggest the possibility that measuring DNA methylation levels of PER2 and POMC in biological samples from pregnant women or from children may be useful for identification of a woman or a child with PAE.