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MEMBER NEWS: ADIC Sri Lanka: Training Young Journalists

ADIC is running a ground-breaking course for young journalists. The first training of the two-month course gathered 25 young journalists to empower them to address issues of alcohol and other drugs in their journalistic work.
Read about the host of topics covered from corporate literacy to the real effects of alcohol and other drugs…

BLOG: Are Media Still Free?

We know the media feel pressure from governments. But increasing pressure comes from corporations. Overall, especially concerning the global alcohol industry, we can see that press freedom is increasingly under threat and that media outlets are part of the problem: they give up their freedom, independence and integrity…

BLOG: Why Don’t We Talk About Alcohol?

When was the last time I saw a prominent editor in a large newspaper discuss alcohol in a “I-just-gave-up-drinking” kind of manner? I couldn’t recall a single one. Living free from alcohol is quite a usual thing, amounting to some 24% of the population in the London area, according to a 2011 report. But still the topic is rarely discussed or seldom an issue in the papers or on TV. Why is that so?

BLOG: Alcohol Harms Democracy

Alcohol harms democracy in many ways: it inhibits people’s capacities and potential to be active citizens and take charge of their communities and societies; it erodes the democratic mechanisms of our institutions; it disables civil society’s access to decision-making processes and democratic participation; it hijacks the public realm for commercial interests, not public interests. This is important to understand to be able to make more and better efforts to protect the rights of those voices of normal people, NGOs, and independent researchers to make democracy reality and vibrant…