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NEWS: Canada: $1 Billion Costs Of DUIC

A new study “Estimating the Harms and Costs of Cannabis-Attributable Collisions in the Canadian Provinces” estimates the social and economic costs associated with driving under the influence of cannabis (DUIC) in Canadian provinces to be $1 billion in costs associated with DUIC deaths, injuries and property damage only collisions, with particularly high rates of harm among youth and young adults between the ages of 16–34…

NEWS: Canada: Big Marijuana Opposes Plain Packaging

As the Canadian government gets ready to introduce legislation to “legalize, regulate and restrict access to marijuana” before the summer, one area that Big Marijuana and public health advocates are scrutinizing is the issue of branding and promoting the marijuana products. Will the Canadian government heed public health advice or bow to marijuana industry pressure?

NEWS: US Elections: Mixed Results For Pot Legalization

Mixed election results
Arizona resisted legalization, but deep pocketed pro-marijuana investors prevailed in California, and in fairly close votes in Nevada and Massachusetts. We trail in Maine by less than 1%, and are not ready to concede that race yet. A new governor in Vermont was elected who has said he is against marijuana legalization. And several Oregon cities rejected marijuana sales. However, Denver may have voted to allow indoor marijuana use at bars, cafes or art galleries…

NEWS: Marijuana Users Are Like Tobacco Smokers

New study: Marijuana users are more like tobacco smokers
New research published in the Journal of Drug Issues shows that marijuana users have much in common with tobacco smokers. A disproportionate share of marijuana users – like cigarette smokers – are poorer with family incomes under $25,000 and uneducated with a high school diploma or less, according to the study by Steven Davenport and Jonathan Caulkins…