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MEMBER NEWS: UNF: Ranking Best Counties for Swedish Youth

UNF, the Swedish Youth Temperance Association, has released its latest report ranking the best counties in Sweden for young people to live and grow up in. Overall, 223 of 290 municipalities participated in the survey, which means a response rate of 77%. That is an increase compared to the previous year. 126 counties – or 56% – are found to be inadequate. 97 counties – 43% – are ranked as decent and 17 counties are graded as good – 7.6%).
n the new report, UNF makes 5 recommendations to leaders in the counties across Sweden, to improve the quality of leisure time activities and environments and to help increase young people’s chances to shape their own communities…

MEMBER NEWS: Elvina’s Story About SummerLEAHP Impact

One the participants at summerLEAHP 2019 was Elvina Majiwa, from Kenya and the Daystar University in Nairobi, where she is also the chairperson of the Daystar Care and Compassion Centre (DC3).
On return home, Elvina gave a remarkable interview about her experience at summerLEAHP 2019. We are sharing a few of her reflections here…

MEMBER NEWS: Ghana: Formal Launch of GhanAPA

The Ghana Alcohol Policy Alliance (GhanAPA) has been launched under the theme: “The Role Of National Alcohol Policy In Preventing And Reducing Alcohol Harms”. The formal launch of the alcohol policy network comes two years after a national alcohol policy workshop laid the groundwork for the formation of the Ghana Alcohol Policy Alliance.
The vision and mission of the GhanAPA is to advocate an alcohol-free Ghana and to contribute to the elimination of alcohol use by minors and vulnerable groups in Ghana…

BLOG: 2017 Wrap-Up: 3 Secrets For Our Successes

2017 wrap-up I am scrolling through IOGT International’s Instagram account looking back at our 2017. The year was very rich! And very successful. I am thankful for this moment of writing my blog for you, as it gives me some time to take it all fully in. I’d love to share three secrets for our successes with… Read more »

MEMBER NEWS: Alarm Over Increasing Alcohol Harm In Thai Women, Girls

Women and girls in Thailand suffer increasingly from alcohol-related harm. As alcohol companies target their marketing towards Thai girls and women, consumption increases and so do associated harms. At the same time, women are still greatly affected by men’s alcohol use, for example due to triggered violence…

MEMBER NEWS: IOGT-NTO Sweden: Alcohol Ads Avalanche

IOGT-NTO in Sweden has commissioned a survey to collect data on alcohol marketing exposure in Sweden and is now calling on the government to take action, especially to bette protect young people in Sweden.
Two of three think alcohol advertising in the social media is negative, according to a new survey. The survey also shows that young people are exposed to twice as much alcohol ads as adults…

MEMBER NEWS: Juvente: Mystery Shopping Report Shows Continuing Problems

An investigation conducted by Juvente in Norway shows patchy compliance with legal age limits. The investigation found that one in three alcohol shops sell alcohol products to minors.
The numbers are from a new report released by Juvente, as part of the mystery shopping campaign to test compliance (“Sjenkekontroll”)…