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NEWS: Sweden: Estimating COVID-19 Crisis Effects on Alcohol Harm

The novel coronavirus pandemic can affect public health in the population, both in the short and long term.
In a new report called “Corona pandemic and alcohol habits.A forecast of short- and long-term effects,” the Center for Epidemiology and Social Medicine (CES) in Sweden summarizes the potential effects of the pandemic on alcohol consumption behavior and habits as well as potential risks with alcohol from an infection prevention perspective.
Alcohol consumption can both increase the risk of infection and cause a more serious course of covid-19 infection. The social isolation that the corona pandemic brings with it – with effects such as depression, stress and anxiety – risks increasing alcohol consumption and high-risk alcohol intake, especially among those affected by economic downturn and unemployment. In society as a whole, however, an economic downturn tends to reduce total alcohol consumption, probably due to reduced income…

NEWS: Norway: More Youth Use Alcohol to Cope with COVID-19 Crisis

Norway: More Youth Use Alcohol to Cope with COVID-19 Crisis 1 in 5 young Norwegians who say they consume alcohol report that they have been used alcohol to get their mind off the corona crisis. These are the worrying results of a new study by the alcohol awareness organization Av-og-till. The survey was conducted by Respons… Read more »

NEWS: Switzerland: Health Workers, Poor And Unemployed At Higher Risk of Alcohol Harm

Alcohol problems have a social justice dimension, in Switzerland, too. Healthcare workers, people from weaker socio-economic classes and people in unemployment are at higher risk of alcohol use disorder and other harm, addiction experts warn…

NEWS: Sweden: Youth Welcome Parental Talks About Alcohol

Youth in Sweden welcome parental talks about alcohol according to a new IQ survey. The survey conducted by Norstat and commissioned by IQ questioned 528 Swedish young people aged between 14 to 17 years. The results found, 93% think it is good if parents talk to them about alcohol, 97% think it is good if parents are available for an emergency, and 89% think parents should not be consuming that much alcohol…

NEWS: Belgium: Alcohol Use Falls Under COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 lockdown in Belgium has lead to a reduction in alcohol use, according to a new survey.A team of researchers at the University of Louvain conducted the online survey among 10,000 Belgian adults. The results showed: Over 49% are consuming the same amount of alcohol as before the lockdown, 29% are consuming less alcohol than before; Of those who are consuming less alcohol the decrease was about 10 doses of alcohol, per week which translates to about 10 glasses of wine; and the reduction in alcohol use was more common among men and those in the 20 to 40 years age group.
The researchers say the results contradict the widely held idea that alcohol use would increase during the crisis…

NEWS: Poland: New Wave of Alcohol Problems Expected

High anxiety and unhealthy coping mechanisms during COVID-19 are expected to lead to a wave of new alcohol problems in Poland.
Dorota Woronowicz, psychologist and addiction therapist, shared her concerns on how high anxiety during COVID-19 may lead to increased alcohol problems and how to deal with addiction during this challenging time…

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NEWS: Worldwide Alcohol Policy Newsletter Week #17

Welcome to another week of carefully curated highlights from Alcohol Policy News, Latest Science Digest, and Big Alcohol Watch.
This week, alcohol policy news come from South Africa, Sri Lanka, Europe, Thailand, and Russia.
The Latest Science Digest covers issues of COVID-19 and mental health, the factors contributing to the decline in youth alcohol use in Nordic countries, and question of how to identify substance use during pregnancy.
The Big Alcohol Watch exposes how the political activity of the alcohol industry to weaken alcohol laws in the United States, as well as unethical alcohol marketing during the COVID-19 public health crisis.
This week’s Special Feature sheds more light on the topic of alcohol as major obstacle to development…

NEWS: European Expert Warns: Danger of New Wave of Alcohol Addiction

Professor Emanuele Scafato of the Italian Institute of Health has warned that several factors are combining leading to the normalization of consuming alcohol at home during the COVID-19 public health crisis, which might fuel another wave of alcohol use problems in Europe…

NEWS: Australia: Shocking COVID-19-Theme Alcohol Marketing

As people are self-isolating in Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunistic Big Alcohol has started shocking COVID-19-themed alcohol marketing to hook more consumers and increase protect their profits.

NEWS: Bangkok, Thailand: Alcohol Sales Ban Extended

The city of Bangkok in Thailand banned alcohol sales from 10th of April as the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading. Now the ban has been extended till the end of the month. The ban which was set to end on midnight on the 19th (Sunday) was extended until 30th of April. It was enforced mainly to discourage social gatherings during the Songkran festival…